Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

The second day of the AFL draft always offers some unexpected choices, and this year is no different, but some late choices had very familiar names for AFL supporters.

Recent choices included Jesse Motlop (son of Daniel), Jase Burgoyne (son of Peter), Jackson Archer (son of Glenn), and with the final choice taking Melbourne Taj Woewodin, son of Brownlow medalist Shane Woewodin.

Jesse Motlop.

Jesse Motlop.Credit:Getty Images

Whether any of these players create memorable careers is still unknown, but the game’s most original rule, father-son, continues to keep family ties going, adding that Nick Daicos (son of Peter) and Sam Darcy (son by Luke) will be selected in the first round.

Here is a list of all the choices for those who want to look back.

Thanks again for joining us and staying with us for much more AFL off-season coverage in the coming days and weeks as the 2022 season approaches.

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