Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Toronto is ranked as the second best place to move in Canada in a recent global report.

While some residents of Toronto have left and found cheaper places to live, the city is still an attractive place to live, according to a report from

The survey ranked cities around the world based on average temperature, annual rainfall, monthly wages, cost of living, property prices, number of restaurants, green spaces, internet speed and average lifespan.

No Canadian city ranked among the top ten places to move. Top honors went to Austin for its internet speed, average temperature and monthly salaries.

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Among the Canadian cities, Calgary ranks as number 43 of the best places in the world to move. Toronto follows in as number 56.

Not surprisingly, Calgary’s location is affected by its much lower house prices (£ 1,961 per square meter or $ 3,302) compared to Toronto (£ 5,818 or $ 9,799). But the average monthly salary in the two cities is almost the same – just under $ 5,000.

The third best city in Canada is Montreal with 65 in the world, followed by Quebec City at 68 and Vancouver far down the list with 79.

When it comes to the places in the world with the best weather, (both temperatures and precipitation taken into account) Toronto tops the list in Canada as number 65 in the world. Calgary drops to 78 and Montreal is 81.

Despite all our complaints, Toronto enjoys an average annual temperature of 8.7 C compared to cool Calgary coming in at an average annual temperature of 3.6 C.

Toronto was also ranked highest in Canada for cost of living, about $ 4,400 a month for a family of four. Vancouver and Calgary were close seconds.

Toronto’s place in the world has fallen on other global rankings. There is not much we can do about the weather, but the city needs to keep up with rising housing prices to attract more people to the city.


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