Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Album review

Andrea detail Offer

(Soho Live. EP review of Lavender Sutton)

London-based Italian guitarist Andrea detailwithout debut EP Offer is a fantastic first endeavor. With a passion for Bud Powell’s stylings, Rinciari has chosen to showcase six of her favorite songs.

Rinciari is able to reflect the gentleness and beloved leap in Bud Powell’s piano playing beautifully in each of these standards. His solos are thoughtful and creative and capture elements of Powell’s genius.

The tunes in these compositions are familiar but not immediately recognizable (as some of the more common Monk or Parker tunes have become), so there is an element of surprise in hearing them, and hearing them on guitar enhances the enjoyment.

Each track unpacks a slightly new element to Rinciari’s trio, leaving the listener fascinated. So please apologize pleasantly sets the tone and on the next melody, Oblivion, Rinciari starts with a beautiful solo rubato introduction that strengthens the melody before the rest of his trio sets in. Strictly confidential is a nice treat in the middle – a live take by Rinciari’s trio at Piano Bar Soho – and Audrey is a bubbly, up-tempo track with a fantastic, Bud-inspired solo. It is safe offers an interesting counterplay between Rinciari and Lorenzo Morabito on bass and Hallucinations allows the Adam Merrell to let go of the drums.

Rinciari’s dedication to this project will hopefully inspire more deeper dives into musical heroes of the past and will only imprint itself in his identity as a composer. Fans are definitely looking forward to the next one.

LINK: Andrea Rinciari’s artist page on Soho Live

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