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Ah. Apple AirPods. The tiny little headphones that sit in your ear and deliver sweet music into your soul (your ears, but soul sounds more dramatic). There are so many imitations on the market (and so many Other things types of earphones), but there will be only one AirPods. Well, five, actually. And here’s what you need to know if you’re considering buying a pair.

A little history

First a little story. Apple announced the AirPods on September 7, 2016 at an Apple Special Event. Overall this event was the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2. AirPods (which became known as the first generation) began shipping in December of that year.

Apple AirPods (first generation)

When they were first announced, it was clear that AirPods was Apple’s attempt to distract everyone from the iPhone’s lack of a headphone jack. AirPods was Apple’s version of truly wireless headphones, a gadget that many companies at the time had tried to perfect with varying degrees of success.

Apple AirPods
Image: Apple

In true Apple form, it was the ease of use that got everyone hooked. Hell, in Gizmodo Australia’s review of AirPods back in 2016, we barely said a bad word about them. They were exceptional for their time.

Looking back, though, the stems were so stupidly long. And they were really quite uncomfortable. When they launched, they were price $ 229.

With three other (and much better) models launched in the five years ago, Apple stopped selling these, but you can find them hidden around the internet for sale.

Apple AirPods (2nd generation)

The second generation of AirPods was released in 2019. In our review we said they were very good but as an upgrade they were ‘fine’. They were not revolutionary.

Apple AirPods
Image: Apple

To the naked eye, the second generation of AirPods are identical to the first pair, but they are functionally better. They also gave us the option to purchase a wireless charging case.

This is basically the reason why the first generation pair is no longer needed: the second generation set is the same, but better.

Second generation AirPods are available at a lower price now that the third generation exists. That means they are somewhat reasonably priced RRP $ 219.

They are still a compelling purchase. The extra $ 60 for AirPods 3 gives you plenty of new features that may be worth the price, but if you do not want to stretch your budget that much, the older AirPods remain a good alternative.

For some people who have older Apple devices, second-generation AirPods are the only good option, as the more expensive AirPods are incompatible with some devices.

Apple AirPods Pro

When the AirPods Pro fell, users of AirPods were in awe. The sound was phenomenal, the noise reduction had been nailed, Apple had improved the original AirPods design and the comfort factor also got a plug in our review at the time.

Image: Apple

AirPods Pro is the most expensive of the earphones we have covered here Guide. price AU $ 399. If you want an in-ear fit with active noise reduction, you should buy AirPods Pro. They have exclusive features like Conversation Boost, which focuses the microphone on the person speaking in front of you, to help boost their sound in face-to-face conversations, and it is useful for those who have hearing problems. AirPods Pro also works with separation alarms, so your iPhone can alert you if you leave them.

Apple AirPods (3rd generation)

Third-generation AirPods were announced in September, and while they may lack features found on similarly priced earphones today, they still deliver a great experience when paired with Apple’s other hardware.

Apple AirPods
Image: Apple

They were actually good enough to convert this non-AirPods printer into an Apple earphone holder.

The new AirPods have shorter stems than their predecessors, and the things Siri can do are not to sleep on. They actually look and feel like AirPods Pro, just without the silicon tips. The battery life of third generation AirPods is also better than the professionals.

One of the biggest selling points for the new couple is that they boast up to six hours of listening time and up to four hours of talk time. This is an extra hour of battery life compared to previous generations. And with five minutes on charge, they last about an hour.

Third generation AirPods will set you back RRP $ 279. New subscribers also get six months free with Apple Music with their AirPods.

Why would you buy AirPods 3rd generation? Because they’re actually a decent enough improvement over the previous pair and offer a cheaper (by $ 120!) Alternative to the AirPods Pro.

Apple AirPods Max

What about the over-ear, AirPods Max? Oh yes, them.

Image: Apple

Back in December 2020, Apple decided to sneak in with one last naughty product launch of the year – AirPods Max. They were the company’s first over-ear headphones, and we could not help but be charmed by their design. They have beautiful sound, great noise reduction and a nice design. They are so distinctly Apple and look like no other headphones on the market.

However, the downside of these bad boys is that they are too heavy, the cover looks like a bra, and AirPods Max are extremely expensive – RRP $ 899.

Apple AirPods (4th generation)

Ok, slow down, Apple has only just released the 3rd generation pair.

But what do we want to see in them? If Apple sticks to its creative naming conventions, the 4th generation AirPods should come with noise reduction. It’s the only thing that really prevents the 3rd generation couple from being kickass. But if they did, they would lose the AirPods Pro consumer, and AirPods would obviously cost more.

Mens AirPods experience is best, well, experienced, on Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro (oh boy, I would have loved these since I had an iPod), you can also use AirPods on an Android device.

Hopefully this will help you decide which pair of Apple AirPods is right for you.

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