Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Dogs are allowed in the church for Battersea’s Ulti-Mutt Christmas carol service

This will be puppies with dog lovers. Photo: Battersea

London does not lack Christmas carols at this time of year, but one really stands out – because dogs are allowed to come to church for it.

Battersea’s fundraising carol service gathers followers of the world-famous animal shelter for the ultimate festive event to kick off howling days. Visitors are welcomed into the church with a dog honor guard, not available in fur, formed by some of Battersea’s four-legged residents.

Good howling days. Photo: Battersea

The dogs then stay in the church while the service takes place (maybe you share a church chair with a shih tzu) and listen to their people raise the pacifier until all that howling leaves them a bit husky.

There’s no confirmation yet as to exactly what Christmas songs will be on this year’s program, but we’ll have a guess at Bark The Herald Angels Sing along.

The ultimate festive event? Photo: Battersea

After the service, you can treat yourself to a little retail therapy, with Christmas presents from Battersea’s fundraising shop on sale – for such a good cause, this is the string you can make. Mulled wine and minced pies are also available for human participants.

One thing to note – only Battersea’s dogs are allowed for the concert, so leave Fido and Rover at home.

The Battersea Christmas Carol Concert will take place on the evening of Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd December 2021 at St Luke’s & Christ Church in Chelsea. Tickets cost £ 22- £ 32 and must be booked in advance – and this event is so young that it is always sold out, so do not stay put.

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