Sat. May 28th, 2022

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Google's Pixel 6 Power Center Gets 50 Percent Black Friday Discount (No Exchange)

The Black Friday 2021 madness is officially underway, and believe it or not, two of the best deals on two very different phones come from AT&T (of all companies). If you’re reluctant to go for a two year old handset … at the insanely low price of $ 36 with no need for swapping, you can consider a much younger device with standard Android 12 preloaded.

We’re talking about the 6.4-inch Pixel 6, which is obviously too young to fall so close to $ 0 without a lot of chains picking up $ 10.28 a month for a total of three years.
That equates to an extremely affordable $ 370, down from a $ 739.99 list price of AT&T, which was higher than what Google, T-Mobile and even Verizon originally charged for the initial (non-Pro) Tensor powerhouse for some reason.
As in the case of Ma Bell’s absolute steal of the iPhone 11 Pro, this deadly holiday campaign does not come with a lot of special conditions. You do not need to exchange anything, port a number from another provider or open a new service line, let alone a brand new account.

The only claims are postpaid unlimited wireless service (whether you are a new or existing AT&T subscriber), a three-year installment agreement and monthly invoice credits.

Of course, that means you have to wait 36 ​​months to see the $ 370 savings reflected in your account, and randomly or not, Google’s 5G-enabled Pixel 6 is guaranteed to receive Android version updates until October 2024 (at least), while looking at another two years (or more) with certain security fixes.

Aside from excellent software support, this bad boy has an excellent dual rear-facing camera system (especially by standards below $ 400), as well as a hefty battery equipped with lightning-fast charging options, a sleek 90Hz AMOLED display and a solid 8gig RAM paired with 128GB of internal storage .

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