Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

It’s late on a Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving.

Maybe you’re starting to get ready for a Wednesday night at the bars with your locals. Or mental preparation for a long day of parades, football, cooking, dining and washing dishes with the family.

Whatever you do, ARLnow hopes you have a fun and safe Thanksgiving. Let someone forget, here are some safety tips for frying turkeys from ACFD:

Aside from cooking safety, we also wondered about Covid safety.

Although our scheduled morning poll on the subject was anticipated by the unexpected Ballston development news, we will ask it now: given that vaccines are widely available but the virus still infects humans, how has the pandemic affected your Thanksgiving plans this year?

ARLnow will not be releasing tomorrow unless there is big news. We want an easier than normal release schedule for Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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