Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

British singer Jessie j is broken on stage hours after revealing she got an abortion.

Despite her recent loss, the 33-year-old still performed her acoustic set at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles as promised on November 25, saying it would help her in the healing process.

“I was told a long time ago that I could not have children and I never believed it. I do not believe lies,” a visibly upset Jessie J told the audience as she struggled to hold back tears.

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Jessie J performs at We Day California 2017 Cocktail Reception at NeueHouse Hollywood on April 26, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.
Jessie J says she wanted to have a baby alone because life is short. (Getty)

“I decided to have a baby alone. And then by a miracle it worked for a while. And yesterday, yes, yesterday it was f – king – t.”

As she sat on a stool, swaying back and forth to soft music, the ‘Price Tag’ singer reflected on her challenging year. Last December, she lost her hearing, leading to a diagnosis of Ménière’s disease, and she also lost her voice at one point, which was “f – king terrible” as she “did not know who [she] was without “it.

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“This year has been the hardest year I’ve ever been through … and then I lost my baby,” she said. “I know I’m going to make it, because there really is nothing else to choose in the way I live.

“I wanted to be here tonight because the one thing I believe in most in this whole universe, besides surface conversations and Instagram and the internet, is being human and being vulnerable and being genuine.”

Jessie J reveals she had a miscarriage in a heartbreaking Instagram post.
Jessie J revealed that she had a miscarriage in a heartbreaking Instagram post. (Instagram)

The morning before her show, Jessie J boldly opened up about her abortion in a heartbreaking Instagram post.

“I decided to have a baby alone. Because it’s everything I’ve ever wanted and life is short. Getting pregnant was a miracle in itself and an experience I will never forget and I know I will get back, “she wrote.

“I’m still in shock, the grief is overwhelming. But I know I’m strong and I know I will cope.”

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