Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

St Kilda have defended their opening round selection of South Australia’s Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera over local Josh Sinn, following criticism from Brownlow medalist Gerard Healy.

The Saints selected Wanganen-Milera with choice 11, before Port Adelaide snatched Sinn with choice 12.

It prompted Healy to draw attention to the ‘go-home risks’ that come with drawing players from the interstate.

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“Why would you take a wingman from the interstate with all the problems associated with it when you have a child in your own heartland?” Healy said on 3AW.

Sinn was the captain of the Sandringham Dragons and Vic Metro, adding the pattern of players who have shown excellent leadership and talent, only to slip down the order of the draft.

“The draft has historically been filled with captains who have been overlooked and inevitably return to annoy those who have ignored them,” Healy said.

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But St Kilda list manager James Gallagher has hit back in an interview with Code Sports and says geography does not play a major role in our recruitment “.

“We think we have a club that people want to stay in,” Gallagher said.

Despite not having seen any of the players in action, Healy was skeptical about whether the Saints had made the right decision.

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“I’m sure they’re both great young players,” Healy said.

“But it does not seem to me that there is enough between them to create all the problems associated with relocation as opposed to sending a bike to the end of South Road.”

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