Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

A popular local plant-based gelato-scoop shop and pint brand could close down forever by the end of the year unless the company can find a new owner.

Umaluma, which opened in the summer of 2017 at 235 East Pender Street in Vancouver’s Chinatown, announced Thursday, Nov. 25, that it will “wind up” the business until Dec. 31.

“We’ve been through some very uneven times the last two years, but have managed to stand out as one of the best gelato shops in town,” the treat shop writes on its social media account.

In fact, the gelato maker was a big hit from the start with its cones and cups of completely dairy-free frozen dessert with a smooth, velvety texture and exciting flavor combinations like salted caramel sea foam, strawberry malbec or avocado honey. Umaluma make their own nut milk to go the extra mile, though they also make sorbettos.

Umalumas milk-free gelato in pint. Stock Photo / via Umaluma

Soon after, the company began offering flavors from its line-up at a pint in the store and in stores like Whole Foods, all in their colorful packaging with eye-catching graphics, and the name they say does not matter, it just sounds nice. “

However, the end of the year does not have to mean the end of Umaluma. The company is looking for a new owner.

“This is a turnkey opportunity for the right investor to take over the operation and take the business to the next level,” says the gelato store, adding: “the business has so much potential – it just needs some new blood to take it forward.”

Anyone interested in taking on the business can contact Umaluma directly.

And if they do not find Umaluma a new owner?

“If no buyers sign up, we will liquidate our equipment and other assets over the next few weeks.”

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