Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Chief Medical Officer in the White House Anthony FauciAnthony FauciSunday shows preview: New COVID-19 variant emerges; supply chain problems and inflation continue NEW governor declares state of emergency to prepare omicron US to restrict travel from eight African nations due to new COVID-19 concerns MORE said in an interview aired Sunday that he believes people will have to start “living with COVID”, and expressed doubts that the virus will be eradicated.

Speaking to host Margaret Brennan on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Fauci commented on earlier comments saying he would like to see daily infections drop below 10,000 for the United States to “live with COVID.” Brennan noted that current COVID-19 infection rates are now approaching 80,000 a day.

Fauci said this current level of infection is “unacceptable.”

“I mean, we’re heard people say, understandably, that they’re trying to find a goal to give the public that we’ll have to start living with COVID. I think that’s the case because I do not think “We are going to eradicate it. We have eradicated only one infection of mankind and that is smallpox. I do not even think we are going to eradicate it,” said the expert in infectious diseases.

Fauci said diseases – such as malaria, polio and measles – have become virtually non-existent through “a very, very, very intensive vaccine campaign.”

Brennan also asked Fauci if the United States is currently experiencing a fifth wave of COVID-19 cases.

“Well, we certainly have the potential to go into a fifth wave. And the fifth wave, or the magnitude of any increase, if you will call it that it will turn into a wave, will really depend on, what we do in the next few weeks to a few months, “Fauci said.

He added that the millions of eligible U.S. residents who have not been vaccinated, along with those who begin to experience declining immunity from their initial doses, have resulted in a diminished level of community immunity.


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