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As of the 2021 season Neighbor in Britain and Australia reaches its climax, Teresa’s decline in alcoholism endangers her life.

It’s been a great year for Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou).

The savvy businesswoman began 2021 by taking a stand against Australia Day and acknowledging how her words in the past and her attitude towards the day were offensive to the people of First Nations in Australia.

She was forced to judge the rivalry between Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) and Roxy (Zima Anderson) as the couple fought for the role of manager at Flamingo Bar.

So, after learning that confidential information was being leaked to the Quill Group, Terese discovered that Jesse Porter (Cameron Robbie) was in fact the illegitimate son of Julie Quill – the woman responsible for the death of her son, Josh ( Harley Bonner), back. in 2016.

Paul and Terese on their wedding day in 2019.

As if all that was not enough, after learning that Paul (Stefan Dennis) paid Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) in exchange for her child and planned against both Jesse and Brent (Texas Watterston), Terese asked for a separation from her husband, just two years after they got married.

Ever since, he’s done everything he can to win her back … to no avail!

The arrival of Paul’s half-brother Glen (Richard Huggett) threw another key into action.

Not only did he admit he was back in Erinsborough to protect Terese and win his love, but he also found her wedding ring on the beach in Queensland, which she took off when she fell back into alcoholism.

Since his intervention, Terese has found herself in doubt about her marriage like never before.

Next week, she allows herself to get close to Paul again. At the police ball, she is courted by his charm and gives in to his request for one dance.

At the moment, it is almost as if they had just gotten married. As the couple shares the intimate moment, Paul rejoices that he is back in his wife’s circuit.

But for Terese, it pushes her over the edge.

She hurries off and finds herself hitting the bottle again. Luckily, Glen stumbles over her and is able to comfort her once more, but is horrified when he discovers that she is talking horribly about getting back with Paul.

Then, in the last week of the year, the drama escalates.

After their dance and her drunken night, Terese agrees to Paul’s idea of ​​attending marriage counseling. She is surprised when Paul suggests it, and thinks that it might be a sign that he is really willing to change if it means saving their relationship.

Unfortunately, even though Paul hoped it would bring the couple together, the only thing it does is to drive a wedge further between them, as it turns out the couple has different prospects.

And it looks like this could be enough to push Terese over the edge.

As Christmas approaches, Lassiter’s General Manager, who is now completely in the clutches of her alcoholism, decides she will not spend time with any of her loved ones. Terese invents a lie to achieve her goal, but it seems that her choice will endanger her life.

On the way up to Lassiter’s roof terrace for a lonely Christmas, Terese pampers herself with a bottle of wine.

It does not take long before she is caught red-handed by Harlow (Jemma Donovan), who has been nothing more than an interference trying to push her and Paul back together. With the truth obvious, Terese is horrified.

Even worse, Harlow tries to show Terese, the private detective’s report into Glen, an attempt to prove that he can not be trusted and that Terese should choose her grandfather over the newcomer.

Terese is tired of Harlow’s medals and goes to throw the report out of the building. Unfortunately, she is unstable on her feet, and when she throws the report, she finds herself getting started on it!

A drunk Terese stumbles over the edge of Lassiter’s roof terrace. With the bottom of the Lassiters complex ten stories down, the only thing she can do is hold on to life!

Will she suffer the same eerie fate as her brother-in-law Glen back in 1992? Or is there a knight in shining armor just around the corner waiting to save her?

Viewers have to wait until 2022 to find out!

Australian viewers will see these scenes from Thursday 25 November, while UK viewers will have to wait a few more days until Tuesday 30 November.

The 2021 season finale airs in Australia on Thursday 9 December and in the UK on Friday 10 December.

Neighbor returns to the screens on Monday, January 3, 2022.

Do not forget for the first time in Neighbor history, Britain will watch episodes before Australia! Read more…

Here are the full spoilers for the last two weeks of Neighbor for 2021:

8742 – Monday 29 November (UK)

Down, Levi and Amy’s time for the party is ruined as Mick arrives in a highly offensive costume.

Without wanting to disturb Nell, who asked her to talk to Sonya from the other side of the grave, Melanie tells her that Sonya loves her dress.

When Paul realizes that Terese losing his wedding ring may be to his advantage, Paul ends up making another faux pas that gives terrible backlash.

8743 – Tuesday 30 November (UK)

Paul gets deeply hurt when he finds out that Glen may have been involved in Terese’s decision.

Chloe offers Nicolette an extra ticket to a concert in town.

8744 – Wednesday 1 December (UK) / Monday 29 November (Australia)

After learning the real reason Glen came to Erinsborough, Paul goes on the warpath.

After returning from his journey and learning about Kyle’s diagnosis, Hendrix feels terrible that he has not been there for his friend.

It seems that romance may be in the air between Nicolette and Chloe, but Nicolette is not so sure.

8745 – Thursday 2 December (UK) / Tuesday 30 November (Aus)

Melanie and Toadie suffer from the effects of Nell asking to talk to Sonya through the crystal ball.

Chloe and Nicolette discuss their kiss, but Chloe is shocked at what Nicolette wants.

8746 – Friday, December 3 (UK) / Wednesday, December 1 (Australia)

After the crystal ball breaks, Melanie has a more mature conversation with Nell and finally reaches through to her.

Worried that Levi’s colleagues will disturb Amy at the police ball, Ned urges them both to cancel their plans.

Mackenzie is nervous about Harlow’s apparent lack of compassion, negativity, and her demandingness.

8747 – Monday 6 December (UK) / Thursday 2 December (Aus)

Terese allows herself a dance with Paul at the police ball.

Kyle insists he’s okay with taking Roxy to the ball, but the nausea shows up.

Levi and Ned get into a bidding war over a vacation for Amy and capture Levi’s colleague Reuben’s attention.

8748 – Tuesday, December 7 (UK) / Monday, December 6 (Aus)

After being thrown out of the police ball, Ned and Levi blame each other, and Ned feels brave to make one last play for Amy to dump Levi.

Paul feels closer to Terese after their dance to the ball, and asks if she wants to try marriage counseling.

8749 – Wednesday, December 8 (UK) / Tuesday, December 7 (Aus)

When it comes to discussions about Christmas plans, the parent trio are at odds.

While Roxy is working, Kyle decides to plan the wedding herself, which is much to Sheila’s concern.

Terese accepts Paul’s proposal for marriage counseling, but during their first session, it is clear that they each have different goals.

8750 – Thursday 9 December (UK) / Wednesday 8 December (Australia)

Mackenzie tries to make an effort with Harlow, but Harlow appears only as remote.

Roxy also cares about her, after learning that she has visited her father in prison.

Tension reigns in the Tanaka House as the conflict over where everyone wants to be for Christmas continues.

8751 – Friday, December 10 (UK) / Thursday, December 9 (Aus) – 2021 season finale

Christmas in the Tanaka House gets off to a promising start, despite Jane and Nicolette’s stress of spending the day with Paul.

Terese is desperate to escape her pain and lies to everyone about where she plans to spend Christmas to have some time alone.

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