Thu. May 26th, 2022

Just two months after their spectacular homecoming concert in front of 50,000 fans at Old Trafford, the Courteeners returned to Manchester to end their UK tour.

This surprise show at 02 Victoria Warehouse was just announced last week , but such is the band’s passionate following here in Manchester that they barely need more than a few hours to sell out of a venue these days.

The concert came as a hometown finale for the band’s “Whites of Their Eyes Tour”, which has played a number of more intimate venues across the UK.

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Liam explained the title’s eyes and told fans: “You will be able to see ours and we will be able to see yours. We have missed them.”

Although the promised intimacy at the concert from Liam is a bit lost in the hollow storage environments.

However, the mood erupts with anticipation as Morning Glory plays through the speakers before the Courteeners take the stage.

Courteeners at Emirates Old Trafford in September

It is two degrees both inside and outside the room, which requires a quick purchase of jumpers to maintain a little warmth in the warehouse.

And the sound and sight of more than 3,000 people screaming really detracts from the eyeball I had been hoping to create with Liam.

But still, this size of venue creates a different sound and energy than their large army of 50,000 for the Emirates Old Trafford concert – and even without seeing the white in Liam’s eyes, this concert is huge.

The Courteeners play at Glasgow Green in September

Opening the show was Brooke Comber, whose strong, husky vocals are met with a slow melodic backing from the band.

She is bathed in red strobe lighting, filled with smokescreen that highlights everyone on stage.

The second support of the night, Vistas, is greeted with cheerful acknowledgment, lit in a warm orange tone, basks the band and brings a sense of warmth to the cold storage.

When the set ends with Calm, Retrospect and Tigerblood, a wave of dancing and bobbing follows.

However, the audience’s energy explodes to a new level as Courteeners launches Heart Attack without any introduction to the scene – with a sea of ​​bouncing bodies, it’s clearly not necessary.

Are You in Love With a Notion comes in second place and is greeted with five to six beers flung across the room.

When a pint costs at least £ 5.20, I have to wonder how everyone has that money left over.

Cavorting and Sycophant follow, and every text in every song is shouted back to the band, Liam’s vocals are lost to the proud Manc fans.

Courteeners at Victoria Warehouse
Crowds swallow Courteeners at Victoria Warehouse

Small Bones reassured the audience only to make them jump again with Lose Control

The band leaves the stage and Liam starts his acoustic set with Average Marriage, followed by Please Don’t, where everyone claps for the guitar.

Smiths Disco hits differently in this city – he anticipates the melody by suggesting that the audience does not know it. Where is he wrong.

So much beer was thrown during the opening of Not Nineteen Forever, it was more dramatic than Friday’s storm.

The request for ‘every single one of yas’ was met with so much energy and movement that the heat was finally returned to the body for possibly the first time that evening.

The show ends with What Took You So Long and Liam telling the audience: “The only thing you can do in this building is make our dreams come true”.

In modern times, so many phones were in the air and recorded the moment – it speaks for itself.

Everyone would remember this.

God bless the band.

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