Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

With all that is happening in the world, a personal yoga class has never felt so good. If you have stayed away from the studios during the pandemic but are ready to jump back to live hours, here are some of the best places in GVRD to take a yoga class.

Each of these studios are wellness paradises where you can practice with top-class yoga teachers AND take workshops to explore modalities such as active breathing, sound meditation or try an intention-creating cocoa ceremony.

Personally, with all the amazing virtual yoga classes available these days, it takes a lot to inspire me to go to a live class.

Here are seven studies worth leaving your house for,

A yoga for the people

One yoga for the people

Image Credit: One Yoga For the People

From Vinyasa to Flow to Acro to Yin, One Yoga offers a range of class styles along with great community spirit and top teachers. You will find this studio in the heart of Gastown, where they talk about community outreach work and support many youth programs and community initiatives. Mara Branscombe is my favorite teacher at One Yoga if you are lucky enough to see her on the schedule (she teaches mostly online these days). That said, all of One Yoga’s classes and teachers are amazing.

Address: 150 Hastings St W # 201
Class Schedule here.

Guest House at House Concepts

House Concepts Yoga Studio

Image credit: House Concepts Yoga Studio

House Concepts is an ingenious study concept and includes four movement studios under one roof, offering yoga classes, boxing, bootcamp and a running club. The room looks even cooler than it sounds, which is an inspiring way to start a workout if you ask me. The yoga and movement classes are named Booty Burn and Power Flow, so you can expect a workout style in most of the classes here.

Address: 1408 Howe Street
Class Schedule here.

Sue Horning’s classes at Bridge & Enrich

Susan Horning Yoga at Bridge & Enrich

Image credit: Susan Horning

Under Covid, Vancouver’s beloved Sue Horning of Unity Yoga closed her place on Main Street, but don’t worry, you can still take her energizing classes in the Bridge & Enrich studios on Fraser Street. She teaches Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa. I would also highly recommend the Saturday class of Yogacharini Maitreyi.

Address: 718 East 20th Street
Class Schedule here


YYOGA class

Image credit: YYOGA

With 10 locations from Richmond to Burnaby and everywhere in between, YYoga offers the widest range of class styles and locations, so they pretty much guarantee that you’ll be able to get to your favorite class at a time that suits you. Classes include Hatha, Hot, Restorative, Yin and Power. They also offer special events and meditation courses. Many of the locations offer an infrared sauna and spa-like atmosphere, which is a nice bonus. All the YYogas we have tried have been very friendly and accommodating.

Address: More places
Class Schedule here.

Shala Yoga Squamish

Shala Yoga Squamish

Image credit: Shala Yoga Squamish

A bright, intimate space that strives to create transformative experiences through yoga, Shala in Squamish offers smaller class sizes with the will to cultivate community and an inclusive culture of supportive practitioners. This is the ideal place to meet new friends, take a class and be led by great teachers like Micaela Carron, or attend a Kundalini workshop with my favorite Shae Savage.

Address: # 3-40383 Tantalus Rd Squamish
Class Schedule here, workshop plan here.

Live yoga

Remaining Yoga Studio Port Moody

Image credit: Kushala Yoga Studio Port Moody

Located in Port Moody, the newly opened Kushala yoga is a great place to take a flow, yin or hatha class and offers all their classes in the studio and livestream online. What I love about this studio is that the co-owners Karen and Chris are very anatomy focused and give great technical signals. I would also recommend the classes offered by Shanon Brundrette and workshops offered by my absolute favorite Kundali teacher and soundbath guide, Angela Prider.

Address: 3032 St. John’s Street
Class schedule here. Workshop schedule here.

Kahlena Movement Studio

kahlena motion study vancouver

Image credit: Kahlena Movement Studio

Located in the heart of Edgemont Village in North Vancouver, the Kahlena Movement Studio is a yoga, pilates and dance studio run by the lovely Karen Kobel, who leads quite a few of the classes offered. You will find a number of personal and live streamed classes in this studio, all dedicated to accommodating participants at all fitness levels. Accessibility is the heart of this study’s vision. This is a welcoming, community-focused place to take a yoga or exercise class, with some great opportunities for kids and family yoga.

Address: 3120 Highland Boulevard, North Vancouver
Class Schedule here.

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Voila! If there is one thing the past year has taught us all, it is that community and connection are more important than ever. If you feel the urge to connect deeper with your own body and soul, to support your natural spirituality, here is a beautiful guided nature visualization, a curated list of must-read spiritual books, and a great article on restoring wellness by taking care of the health of your microbiome. Experience more inspiration to live in line at Head + Heart.

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