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Finding rewarding work can sometimes be an overwhelming prospect, especially if you are struggling with challenges such as lack of experience, disability or mental illness. Causeway is a non-profit agency that empowers all people by helping them with mental illness and other challenges in finding meaningful work. At Causeway, we call our employment programs, social enterprises, and support services “Avenues” because of the journey we take on with our clients. Each person can take several paths while on their journey, but they all lead to the same place – meaningful employment.

Recent developments

On April 1, 2021, the Causeway Work Center and the Causeway Foundation merged into a single organization under the Causeway Work Center. This merger does not affect Causeway’s programs and services in any way and is intended to make our governance structure more streamlined and efficient. Ultimately, this will help us better serve people who come to the Causeway to find rewarding work.

Our sources of financing have been approximated to reflect post-merger revenue streams.

In April, Causeway launched its fourth social enterprise, Causeway Commercial Cleaning (CCC), which offers a range of worry-free, high-quality cleaning for commercial spaces. Like all of Causeway’s social enterprises, the CCC is driven by a social mission to provide employment opportunities to people experiencing employment barriers.

Our top three donation requests:

  • Equipment and supplies for social enterprises
  • Training and professional development support, capacity building
  • Program evaluation, impact and growth analysis
A group of young people hold up diplomas and smile at the camera while wearing masks.
Pictured here are some of the graduates from our Solutions for Youth program who proudly display their certificates.

At first glance:

Year of establishment: 1977

Total revenue for the last financial year: $ 3,318,600

Twitter: @CausewayWork

Facebook: / CausewayWork

Instagram: @causewayworkcentre

LinkedIn: / company / causeway-work-center

Top sources of funding:

  • Individual donations: 5%
  • Company: 1%
  • Government: 50%
  • Appropriations: 1%
  • Other charities: 10%
  • earned revenue: 35%

How you can help


You can see how rewarding it can be to have a job. It can help you build self-confidence, give you independence and help you foster a sense of belonging. This is why you believe in creating opportunities for people to find work, regardless of the challenges they face.

Your donations help people with disabilities and mental illness to achieve their employment goals by supporting our employment programs, our social enterprises and our surrounding services, including our Employment Resource Center and Wellness Center.

A woman wearing a mask and rubber gloves wraps food in a cardboard box.
A Krackers Catering employee prepares meals to go out to people experiencing food insecurity during the pandemic.


Volunteers at Causeway play a vital role in our board and committees and in providing direct assistance to people using our resource center. Volunteers can also make a big impact by creating a rewarding challenge among their friends and family to raise money for Causeway’s programs.

Rent from Causeway

By helping people find their role in the community, you create new moments of hope, perspective and meaning for everyone.

Find your next month’s employee at Causeway!

Someone wearing a blue shirt gives a thumbs up to the camera, wearing a Shoppers Drug Mart employee name.
Caelan successfully found work with Causeway support and gives this advice to employers: “Even if someone does not have the experience, do not write them off. If the person has the desire and they want to work, then they become a hard worker.”

Events and fundraising

Work regardless of week: 29 Nov.-Dec. This week, celebrated every year, serves to engage individuals and businesses around the message that everyone has something valuable to offer. When we stop judging people for what they can’t and start acknowledging people for what they can do, we build stronger and more inclusive communities.

Board members and executive boards

A man with gray hair and a woman with red-blond hair smile at the camera.
Stephen Willetts is president of Causeway; Heather Hechtman is the CEO

Hailey Hechtman


Stephen Willetts


Andrew Vey

Former President

Michael Brownell

Vice President

Erik Thomas

Secretary / Treasurer

Anna Abraham


Louise Boudreau


Kate Faughnan


Ryan Holm


Kylie Patrick


Mike Scallop


Hailey Hechtman

Out of the office

Richard Smith

Director Emeritus

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