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The Dave Smith Youth Treatment Center (DSYTC) is a non-profit, community-based agency dedicated to helping young people (ages 13-21) and families across Ontario overcome drug use and mental health-related issues. DSYTC programs and services include: comprehensive assessment, three months of live-in treatment, academic programming, pro-social recreation, psychiatric support, nurse, general practitioner, 3 months of continuing after-care support and family benefits. Our mission is to provide young people and families in need with integrated, evidence-based addiction and mental health care, delivered by competent professionals in a caring and compassionate environment. Our vision: Healthy, resilient young people and families who have hope and life skills to create a positive future.

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At first glance:

Year of establishment: 1993

Total revenue for the last financial year: 3,869,204

Twitter: @DaveSmithYouth

Facebook: / davesmithyouthtreatmentcenter

Instagram: @davesmithcentre

Top sources of funding:

  • Government: 92%
  • Donations: 8%

Geographical focus area: Ottawa, the Champlain region and the provincial resource for the whole of Ontario

How you can help


Our critical financing needs fall into two main categories: capital and operational. Our capital requirements relate to our ongoing campaign to build a new 30-bed treatment facility and merge our three aging facilities into a single-campus model. Doing so would increase access to much-needed treatment, reduce waiting times and provide a sustainable long-term infrastructure for our healthcare sector. Operational funding needs include resources that support day-to-day programming, such as recreational / sports equipment, art supplies, smoking cessation medicine, staff training, IT equipment (such as laptops), and graduate scholarships.

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Given our vulnerable population and the sensitive issues they deal with, we must limit ourselves to recruiting, selecting and incorporating volunteers who bring specific skills to help meet customer needs (as opposed to those who have a general interest in helping). Examples of current or former volunteers include: yoga / fitness instructors, financial management coaches, career counselors, hairdressers, photography teachers, support animal guides, land maintenance, and educational mentors. We also welcome fundraising volunteers to help our philanthropy team.

Call 613-594-8333 x1201 to inquire.

Events and fundraising

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Business partnership

Let us be your preferred charity, and work together to tailor an interactive employee engagement campaign that will; Strengthen your social responsibility by helping young people and families in need of life change, live-in treatment for substance abuse and mental health problems.

Drop The Shame Golf Tournament

Drop The Shame Golf Tournament was founded by one of our former graduate clients, who created this annual tournament to help escape the shame of young people’s addiction and mental health. Every year, he honors a member of the community for being a part of his village of change.

Join our village of change by participating in our 5th annual tournament in July 2022.

Visit for details.

The village of HOPE

Be a part of our Village of HOPE and help us support Ontario’s youth and families struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. Contact Cindy for details 613.594.8333 local number 1201

Upcoming events

Visit our website to see a list of our upcoming events hosted by ourselves or third-party groups such as Algonquin College.

Board members and executive boards

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Mike Beauchesne


Steve Bell

Chairman of the Board

David Kinsman

Former chair

Derek Johnston

vice chairman

Tricia Goulbourne


Rene Bibaud


Kayla Champagne


Cameron Hopgood


Jennifer McAndrew


Nicole poirier


Marilyn Reddigan


Michael Smith


Male Live-In Treatment Campus

1986 Scotch Corners Rd.

Carleton Place, ON

K7C 0C5

Female Live-in Treatment Campus

1883 Bradley Side Rd.

Karper, ON

K0A 1L0

ONEftercare & Administrative Campus

112 Willowlea Rd.

Karper, ON

K0A 1L0


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