Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

A protester from Insulate Britain, who has been on hunger strike in prison for 13 days, is receiving hospital treatment, the group said.

Emma Smart, 44, of Weymouth in Dorset, is serving a four-month prison sentence for violating a government order designed to prevent blockades along England’s road network.

Following the sentencing, Smart immediately promised to stop eating until the government moves to isolate Britain’s home.

The group calls for better insulation of British homes to help tackle the climate crisis and blocked highways, the port of Dover and roads outside the Folketing as part of their campaign – where some protesters glue themselves to the asphalt.

On Friday, she was transferred to the hospital wing at HMP Bronzefield in Ashford, Surrey.

In a statement issued by Isolate Great Britain, said Smart: “The window in my cell in the hospital wing is blocked and there is some natural light, in my former cell I could see the birds and the trees lying along the prison fence.

“I have less time to go outside in the prison yard to train now.

“All of this is testing my willingness to keep going, but I feel like not eating is the only thing I can do from prison to make those who have to make the choice between warming and eating this winter aware.”

A police officer tries to remove protesters from Insulate Britain as they block the road in Parliament Square in central London.  Image Date: Thursday, November 4, 2021.
The group has blocked a number of UK roads

Members of environmental group – an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion – including Smart’s husband, Andy Smith, will host a 24-hour fast outside Downing Street in solidarity with her.

Smith, 45, told the PA news agency that his wife felt “a little weak but she is still in good spirits”, adding that she had been moved to the hospital wing so prison staff could more easily monitor her health.

He said: “I think a hunger strike is about 80% mental (strength), so as long as she’s ok mentally, I think she’s likely to continue her hunger strike until the government comes up with a meaningful statement about “whether or not they go ahead. to isolate Britain’s home or not.”

Nine members of Insulate Britain showed up at the High Court on 17 November, after admitting during the morning rush hour on 8 October that they had breached an injunction by participating in a blockade at exit 25 on the M25.

Each was sentenced to a sentence of between three and six months and ordered to pay £ 5,000 in costs.

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The family of Oliver Rock, who was jailed for four months, has raised more than £ 8,500 to cover his rent while in jail, while a separate crowdfund for the rest of the activists in jail has reached £ 10,000.

A further nine members of the group will appear in the district court on December 14 to be charged with contempt of court.

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