Wed. May 25th, 2022

The items from Juke Fried Chicken

Vancouver, BC | Juke Fried Chicken’s crowd favorite Turducken returns with an exclusive limited run for the holidays with the Turducken Meal Kit, available Wednesday, December 22nd and Thursday, December 23rd.

In true Juke style, every Turducken party is gluten-free, provides light food for four and includes a full turducken – a three-in-one showstopper centerpiece with fried turkey, duck and chicken. Each set also includes a series of solid and unique seasonal pages as well as detailed written and video instructions from Juke Chef and co-owner Bryan Satterford.

Can be picked up December 22 and 23 | $ 199 plus VAT

Juke Turducken
Leek and sausage filling
Peeled potatoes
Brussels sprouts with bacon jam
Roasted squash and carrots
with pumpkin seeds Dukkah
JalapeƱo cornbread with honey thyme whipped schmaltz
Cranberry sauce
Turkey sauce

A limited number of Juke’s Turducken Meal Kits are available for pickup from Wednesday, December 22nd and Thursday, December 23rd for $ 199 plus sales tax and can be ordered online at Customers are encouraged to order early as kits may be sold out. Meal kits can be prepared up to three days after pickup.

Juke also has a limited edition dessert, festive drinks, gift packages and gift cards for those who want to round off their holiday meals and gift giveaways in one place. Juke Fried Chicken has partnered with Vancouver chocolate legends BETA5 for the small batch Birds & the Bees Polygon Bar, made from caramelized white chocolate, honey-schmaltz caramel, crispy Juke chicken skins and crispy pieces. New cocktail sets from the sister town, The Chickadee Room, can also be ordered in a range of liquor options, equipping home bartenders to shake 12 cocktails from three different Chickadee recipes for their dinner guests. New this year, the Juke Sauce Trio is already packed together and ready to be placed under the tree, featuring the brand new 2021 Juke x Zaklan Farms Hot Sauce collaboration along with Juke’s famous Beer Spicy Honey and Table Hot Sauce.

Sauce Trio Pack, The Birds & the Bees Bar and Juke e-Gift Cards can be ordered on the Juke website for pickup or delivery, while cocktail sets can be ordered on The Chickadee Rooms website for Thursday, Friday or Saturday. -UPS.

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