Sat. May 28th, 2022

Recent demonstrations in Melbourne against vaccine demands have sparked a flurry of new COVID cases among protesters.

On Monday, the health department confirmed that there had been 19 confirmed cases in people going to the recent mass gatherings in the CBD.

Of these, 16 were unvaccinated.

Two of the other cases have been partially vaccinated against the virus, and one is fully vaccinated.

One of the cases is in the hospital.

People are protesting against mandatory vaccination in Melbourne on Saturday.
People are protesting against mandatory vaccination in Melbourne on Saturday. Credit: JAMES ROSS/AAP

The health department also revealed that one of the cases was presymptomatic after the protest and went to a social gathering.

This collection is now an outbreak and currently has 10 confirmed cases.

The latest action was on Saturday was the third weekend in a row with a protest against vaccination demands and lockdowns.

They waved Australian, Aboriginal and Eureka flags as well as from other countries, including Greece, Lebanon and Macedonia, and held signs with slogans such as “fear God not Dan”, “end the separation now” and “kill the bill”, as a reference . to the pandemic legislation to be considered in the Folketing.

Monday’s COVID cases

Victoria’s COVID-19 case continues to decline, and on Monday the state recorded the lowest daily increase in nearly two weeks.

There were 1007 cases within 24 hours until midnight Monday and three more COVID-related deaths.

Hospital admissions in the state remain stable at 300, of which 45 are in the intensive care unit and 17 in the respirator.

Victoria crossed a major vaccination threshold last week, and nearly 91 percent of all people over the age of 12 are now fully vaccinated.

1,061 cases were recorded on Sunday, 1252 on Saturday, 1362 on Friday and 1254 on Thursday.


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