Sat. May 28th, 2022

For the longest time, Samsung has been supplying the 25W TA800 travel adapter with its devices. Although the company switched to a 45W adapter with the Galaxy Note 10 series, all Samsung devices launched since are either supplied with the same 25W charging stone or none at all. But recent leaks suggest the company may finally increase its fast-charging game with the upcoming Galaxy S22 series. While that may or may not be the case, Samsung has now launched a new 35W power adapter in the Indian market offering USB-PD 3.0 PPS support.

Fast charging explained: The slowest to the fastest fast charging technology

The new Samsung 35W Power Adapter Duo has a USB Type-C port and a full-size USB Type-A port. The USB Type-C port supports fast charging at 35W, while the USB Type-A port only supports a maximum output of 15W. The charger supports a wide range of Samsung and non-Samsung devices, including tablets, laptops, wireless chargers and smartwatches. The charger is already for sale on Samsung’s website at a price of 2,299 INR.

    Samsung 35W Power Adapter Duo
    Samsung 35W Power Adapter Duo can charge two devices simultaneously at 35W and 15W. Get yours right away by clicking the link below.

If that sounds a little too steep, then you should definitely check out our list of the best USB-PD chargers for some great alternatives. The list includes fast chargers from Anker, Sabrent, Spigen, Belkin and more that should suit your needs. It also includes a couple of GaN chargers that are a bit expensive, but which offer faster charging options in a smaller form factor than Samsung’s offerings. While you’re at it, check out our list of the best USB cables to buy a durable one for your new charger.

As previously mentioned, Samsung is also working on two new fast chargers – 65W Power Adapter Trio (EP-T6530) and 45W Power Adapter (EP-T4510). These new chargers could be for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 series. However, we have not seen any evidence to support this speculation at the moment.

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