Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

The Milky Way plays a violent tug of war with its two toughest neighbors – the noisy sibling dwarf galaxies known as the large and small Magellanic clouds. It’s hardly a fair competition. With a total weight of about 17 billion solar masses (almost 100 times heavier than the Milky Way), the two dwarf galaxies are slowly being torn apart by gravity of our galaxy and of each other.

More than 3 billion years of this cosmic push and move has left a huge battle stretched across the southern sky – a long, gas-filled arc known as the Magellanic Current, trailing behind the Magellanic Clouds like a gout of star blood. One day, this current will collide with our galaxy and flood The Milky Way with star-forming gas and permanently change the landscape of the night sky.

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