Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

Yeon Talks Train to Busan 3 ideas
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When filmmaker Yeon Sang-ho talked about his just-released “Hellbound” series on Netflix, he touched on the second creature he is most famous for – the zombie action feature “Train to Busan” from 2016.

Outside of “Parasite” and “Squid Game”, ‘Busan’ and its 2020 sequel “Peninsula” have been the biggest Korean film / TV hits globally in recent years. Yeon also created an animated prequel movie (“Seoul Station”).

When he spoke to Variety, he was asked if he had plans for a third part of the ‘Busan’ film series and replied:

“Personally, I have some ideas in terms of further developing what’s going to happen after ‘Peninsula.’

But because there are a lot of productions that I am working on at the moment, I think that in a way I have to organize the ideas and work with what I have to work with. Until now, I have been a person who has been an individual creator. But these days, I think I might have to come up with a system to really bring all my creative visions to life.

He was also asked about the possibility of a TV adaptation of films, or a set within the film universe. From the sound of it he is not interested:

“There are a lot of ideas I’ve thrown around, but I personally think that for ‘Train to Busan’ I would like to continue it as a film series. In Korea, the circumstances are not very favorable for creating a series in the Korean language with pictures that are comparable to the ‘Train to Busan’ movie and you also know I have to work with … the distributor that we started on the original movie too.So I think when you take all these considering, a film series would be the most possible. “

In fact, he also says that the story he is thinking of after “The Peninsula” would be more like “Train to Busan”, as it would unfold in a small and confined space.

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