Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

The V8-powered open wheels have had their Ford engines turned down for the second part of the Tasman Cup, which has lowered performance from around 560 horsepower to 470 horsepower.

According to a statement from the series, the move is in response to demands made by Motorsport Australia, which establishes a power-to-weight ratio of two kilograms per. horsepower for an FIA Grade 3 circuit.

The statement reads: “This has the primary effect of limiting the speed on a straight line to approximately 280 km / h on the Conrod line.

“The Australian Racing Group and key S5000 stakeholders have worked closely with Motorsport Australia to bring Australia’s top category of open wheels to the mountain, where these changes enable the cars to meet the FIA ​​- mandated requirements in place.

“The cars remain the spectacular product they have been since their inception, and weather permitting, they are still expected to drive close to the two-minute mark in qualifying this weekend.”

Times are already approaching the two-minute mark, and reigning Australian driver Joey Mawson fastest on the opening day of training with 2.00.870s in the second session.

Former Formula One driver Roberto Mehri was fastest in the first session before crashing out late in the session. He was subsequently sitting out the second session when Team BRM repaired his car.

Aaron Cameron, who was third fastest for the day, leads the Tasman Series en route to the four Bathurst races.

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