Sat. May 28th, 2022

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If there’s one thing Associate Professor Katherine Brown could tell people about HIV, it’s it. “We treat it the same way as diabetes now – if you get tested early and take your medication, you can do what you need to live a fulfilled life,” said Professor Brown of the Illawarra Shoalhaven Sexual Health Service in the South. NSW. This HIV awareness week national AIDS organizations have welcomed the news that home self-test kits will be available from Australian pharmacies in early 2022. READ MORE: Prof Brown said that a person who is diagnosed early has a life expectancy equivalent to a person without HIV, and any call for people in the risk group to be tested early was welcome. “We hope that everyone who gets a reactive test also has the information to know that it is a manageable infection now,” she said. “We have come a long way – 25 years ago in Illawarra we always had patients in the hospital, we always had people who died.” Now we rarely have people in the hospital and we have more people in the community with HIV because they live with it, not by dying from it. “The Australian Federation of AIDS Organizations has welcomed the arrival of HIV self-tests to Australian pharmacies from mid-December as a critically important additional tool to help people know their HIV The units will sell for $ 25 apiece. Initially, they will be available at Serafim’s pharmacy in Taylor Square, Sydney, and the 777 WA pharmacy network, before arriving at other pharmacies in the new year. “As we mark the start of HIV Awareness Week “This is very welcome news,” said Darryl O’Donnell, CEO of AFAO. “Testing is absolutely essential to prevent HIV transmission. “Once people know their status, they can start treatment, which allows them to completely suppress the virus, preventing further transmission.” Testing is the first step, and this device gives people who want to test the choice to do so. at home. “The Australian Government’s goal is to stop HIV transmission. New technologies such as HIV self-testing are helping to strengthen our progress.”


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