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Actor Alec Baldwin says he did not pull the trigger of the gun that fired and killed film photographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the film Rust.

In a television interview published by ABC in the United States on Friday, Baldwin is seen collapsing and talking about the shooting on October 21 in New Mexico.

It’s Baldwin’s first full interview since the incident that killed Hutchins. Rust director Joel Souza was also injured.

“Well, the trigger was not pressed. I did not pull the trigger,” the actor told the American television station ABC TV host George Stephanopoulos according to the excerpt of the interview.

“So you never pressed the trigger?” asks Stephanopoulos.

“No No No. I would never point a gun at anyone and press the trigger against them. Never,” Baldwin says.

According to authorities, Baldwin was told the gun was safe to handle. However, the investigation into how a live round ended in the gun is underway.

Baldwin was asked by Stephanopoulos how a live round managed to get loaded in the stopper gun.

The journalist remarked Rust the manuscript never required a firearm.

Baldwin said he “had no idea” how a live bullet got into the set of the movie he was making near Santa Fe.

Alec Baldwin Rust stopped
The production of the Western film became “pause” after Halyna Hutchins’ death. Photo: AAP

“Someone put a live bullet in a gun, a bullet that shouldn’t even be on the property,” Baldwin said.

Authorities have so far in their investigation noted “satisfaction” with how weapons were handled and managed on Rust set.

However, they said it was too early to say whether charges would be brought.

A number of independent civil lawsuits regarding liability and gun safety have been filed since the tragedy on the scene.

The film’s lighting director, Serge Svetnoy, filed a lawsuit against Baldwin. It claims negligence causing him “serious emotional distress” which will haunt him forever.

Baldwin has only been seen in public a handful of times since the October shooting.

He was seen comforting Hutchin’s husband and son a few days after the fatal incident in which he met the despairing loved ones.

– with AAP

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