Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

For three days, dozens of Oasis fans found themselves trapped under the snow inside a 17th-century British pub after attending a tribute concert.

They had come to The Tan Hill Inn, the tallest pub in the UK, to see the tribute band Noasis.

When the show started on Friday night, the snow was already coming in thick and fast from the oncoming Storm Arwen.

When the lights came up, the snowman had locked them inside.

“Anyone who has a shovel!” informs the site on Facebook.

Deep snow blocks the front door of the Tan Hill Inn.
The inn’s entrance was snowed in.(Facebook: The Tan Hill Inn)

Cars in the parking lot were jammed, but even though they could get into the driver’s seat, police had closed all roads.

Arwen is the worst storm to hit the UK in 60 years, said Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng.

Tens of thousands of people lost power over the weekend when gusts of up to 160 km / h swept across the country.

A CCTV still showing cars in a parking lot snowed in at night.
Deep snow-covered cars in the parking lot of The Tan Hill Inn.(Facebook: The Tan Hill Inn)

Back at the inn, staff found sleeping accommodations for all 61 people and the few dogs caught in the barricade.

Those who were supposed to be in tents outside ended up on the floor of the pub.

“We always find a bed somewhere, somehow when there is snow in it,” the inn said.

People sleeping in blankets on the floor of a pub.
There was no room at the inn as concert goers slept where they could.(Facebook: The Tan Hill Inn)

The Tan Hill Inn is not unknown for being snowed in on its elevated position in Yorkshire, which is closer to the Scottish border than on London.

It even reintroduced a similar scenario for a Christmas ad for UK supermarket Waitrose back in 2017.

With a well-stocked kitchen and bar, they were ready to wait until the snowplow arrived in the morning.


But in the light of day, it was clear that they might be waiting a little longer.

A live wire had come down over the only safe way to the inn, and their own plow itself was stuck under the snow.

The plow, which was to come from nearby, was allegedly driven off the road and had to be pulled back by a tractor.

Snow-covered vehicles in a parking lot.
Problems locating a plow slowed down the pub guests’ rescue.(Facebook: The Tan Hill Inn)

The staff kept guests entertained with karaoke, board games, quizzes and Noasis entertainment for two more nights.

Soon, the news of Oasis fans being locked inside by the blizzard was picked up by the local newspaper.

From there, it spread to national British newspapers and TV shows, to news media in Europe, China, Argentina, Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Australia.

Hostess Nicola Townsend was in demand for interviews and spoke to the media as she sat in front of the pub’s fireplace with the enclosed patrons.

“It’s really been a positive thing to get out of this storm,” she told ITV’s This Morning.

“People have come here as strangers Friday night, and on Monday they travel as friends.”

People sit at tables and play a pub quiz.
Borrowers locked inside the Tan Hill Inn entertained themselves with quizzes and live music.(Facebook: The Tan Hill Inn)

The inn said the departing guests had been “perfect” and helped the staff clean and made money to thank them for virtually free accommodation and food.

“We will ALWAYS remember this group of amazing people who came together and hopefully in challenging circumstances enjoyed what we all think was a life-changing experience,” the inn said on Facebook.

Noasis has adopted its new nickname “Snowasis”, and even got a mention in the music magazine The Rolling Stone for their part in the story.

Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher, when asked what message he had for the band Noasis, tweeted: “I’m actually jealous. I’m always trying to get a lockout”.


Three people were evacuated during the lock-in: A couple were taken to come home to their three-month-old baby, and rescue workers assisted a man in need of medical attention.

The last two guests left on Monday when the roads were clear.

On Facebook, the inn said there were rumors of interest in making a film about the event, but at least they would arrange a reunion for next year.

A group of people posing for a picture in an English pub.
The group has committed to a reunion next year.(Facebook: The Tan Hill Inn)


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