Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Toronto Public Health recommends a public school in North York called Eitz Chaim – Viewmount Branch temporarily lay off students due to a COVID-19 study, the agency said Friday.

“We recommend an entire school redundancy as a precautionary measure to protect staff, students and the community from further COVID-19 transfer within the school,” the agency said. tweeted, addition of the dismissal was to begin on Monday, December 6th.

It is not clear how long the closure will last. The public health agency says it is working with the school to notify close contacts and ask them to stay home and be tested.

Earlier in the week, the agency had declared an outbreak of two or more cases at the school.

Toronto Public Health as well declared outbreak of two or more cases at three schools Friday: St. Pius X Catholic School, Our Lady of Sorrow Catholic School and Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati Catholic School.

Across Ontario, nine schools are now closed, with 1,815 recent cases registered at 792 schools across the province.


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