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The future of the market is clear
If you are wondering what Queen Victoria Market might look like, just take a look at Prahran Market. It’s similar to David Jones’ Food Hall. Check out Camberwell Market, it looks like a place the local council would love to close via neglect, high rents and a longing for real estate.
Ranee Mischlewski, Box Hill South

‘Actual’ action required
Parnell Palme McGuinness finds the wording of those who advocate meaningful change exhausting (“Meaningful change? Stop right there”) Sunday time, 28/11). I believe that the call for meaningful change is carried out of necessity. Many Australians are frustrated by the lack of progress on important issues. Take climate change, for example. Meaningful climate roofs would involve steps such as legislating a credible emission reduction target by 2030 and ending support for new fossil fuel projects. Until the Morrison government “actually acts,” and we see emissions fall, activists rightly call for meaningful change.
Amy Hiller, Kew

Booster demand
I was trying to get a booster shot, but I’m only five months from my second dose, so the staff said no in accordance with the rules. Which I accept. But there was almost no one there and so plenty of capacity. Can those who make the rules think about whether it’s time to relax them? More boosters now will mean less lag later.
Stephen Minns, South Yarra

Finally some hope
While not entirely happy with Labor’s environmental policy, it is at least a better target than governments. Jobs will be created while we reduce our emissions. As a grandmother, I doubt I will be here to suffer as much as the next generations, but I would like to believe that they have a future.
Lyn Payne, Richmond

Disappointing goal
I am disappointed that the Labor Party’s climate policy of 43% reduction in emissions by 2030 based on 2005 levels could not match the US target of 50-52% reduction by 2030. It seems that Labor is listening to promises of fossil fuels fuel jobs from lobbyists instead of scientists or the general public. Labor does not have the courage to defend a strong climate target against three-word slogans from the liberal and national parties. What hope does the world have of reducing global warming with these leaders?
Tim Brown, Golden Square

Why the delay?
Australia is rich in sunshine, wind and renewable technologies and has a skilled workforce. This means we are perfectly placed to make money as the world accelerates the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. What is holding us back?
John Doré, Eaglemont

Impossible mission
VicRoads sends notification of registration payments unnecessarily early, as one reader recently pointed out (Letters, 15/11). On Wednesday, one week from the due date, I tried to pay my registration, only to find that payment by EFT (electronic money transfer) within two weeks from the due date is not possible. Why? Then there is an additional fee for the only optional online credit card payment. Since the office is easily accessible, I plan to pay cash at the desk – maybe in $ 2 coins?
Richard Blazé, Bentleigh

Remarkable result
With the many attitudes toward COVID-19 vaccinations in our community, the idea that one set of smart rules based on psychological principles that provide nearly 100 percent vaccination seems unlikely. But we have achieved almost 95 percent with a simple carrot and stick tactic. Vaccinate and your access to facilities is wide, do not and you may be locked out. A 5 percent lack of vaccination seems remarkable compared to other countries.
John Groom, Bentleigh

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