Thu. May 26th, 2022

A group of women from a gym in the northern suburbs of Perth on Thursday night won the entire $ 80 million Powerball jackpot.

The 55 women from Curves Heathridge – who range in age from 18 to 84 – will be $ 1.5 million richer after spending just $ 5 on the syndicate each.

Watch the moment some of the lucky women find out they have won in the video above

Gym guests were in disbelief Friday morning when Sue, the owner of the gym, informed them that they had actually taken out the Division 1 prize – one of the biggest wins from an Australian lottery game this year.

“Absolutely unreal. It’s amazing, it’s life changing,” one of the women said before begging Sue, “please do not close the gym.”

About 38 of the women had been to the Christmas party on Thursday night when the numbers were drawn.

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“One of the lady’s men called and said, ‘you have all the numbers in the draw.’ We got the ticket out and we checked the numbers out and they were all there,” Sue told 7NEWS.

“It was a bit chaotic for a while, and then everyone was in denial … and I called LotteryWest, and they confirmed that we were the one winner in Australia of $ 80 million.

“The women cried and laughed, some were in shock. I can not even explain it, it was just amazing, a surreal feeling.

“I feel really blessed to have bought this ticket and I’m able to share that $ 80 million with 55 amazing women that I work with every day and that means so much to all of us.

Gymnasts were in disbelief Friday morning when the owner of the gym informed them of the victory.
Gymnasts were in disbelief Friday morning when the owner of the gym informed them of the victory. Credit: 7NEWS

“I’ve been Santa this morning, I’ve been able to call all these people and say you just won a million and a half dollars, it’s been a great morning.”

Sue said the women all had different plans for what they would each do with the funds, but she intended to “go to the bank and pay off my mortgage, it will be very nice to own my house”.

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It’s life changing for me and life changing for all these ladies

“Then probably a caravan and a nice holiday – around WA unfortunately, hopefully one day we can travel a little further.

“It’s life-changing for me and life-changing for all these ladies.”

Sue, who lost her mother last December and whose husband was recently fired, had been worried about the future but says “it has taken all that worry away from us”.

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