Sat. May 28th, 2022

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Some Canberra salons ask customers not to discuss COVID-19 in an attempt to reduce the strain on hairdressers struggling with the weight of heavy conversations. COVID-free conversation zones are in place at Kundalini’s in Barton as well as Eden Hair Energy in Dickson, though salon owner Emma Mahar said it is not so much a ban as it is a call for more sunny themes. “We’re just trying to create a space where people do not feel the need to talk about COVID and where we can try to have a more uplifting conversation instead,” Ms Mahar said. “[It’s] most for my team’s mental health. “Messages at each of the salon’s stations guide patrons to avoid COVID-19 in their discussions, a direction she said has generally been” very well received. “A remarkable amount of people have taken up gardening. as a hobby, staff have learned as a result of the turn towards some of the positives of lockdowns.Ms Mahar is most focused on providing a buffer to staff, who are often thrown into the role of on-the-go therapists.For younger people in particular staff, it’s getting harder and harder to find boundaries during the pandemic, she said. draw a really solid line in the sand and say, ‘Hey, we do not want to talk about that!’ “It’s more about just creating a framework that makes it easier for my team not to feel like they need those conversations,” she said. READ MORE: But when it comes to the topic of COVID-19 vaccines, the salon has “tried to avoid it completely,” Ms. Mahar said. Meanwhile, Kundalini Hair advises patrons in advance via email that the salon is a haven from pandemic chat. “Under your agreement, we ask you not to discuss COVID, vaccinations, policies or lockdowns with our team,” reads the communication from the salon. “We have a relatively young team that does not feel comfortable or qualified to have these conversations.” The last 18 months have not been easy in many ways for our team, many of our customers and the wider community – we believe It’s important to maintain a space where people can slow down from outside stressors and everyone feels safe and welcome. the conversation about COVID. “” I think where we are lucky that we are in a position to have these special relationships with customers that not many people do, “said manager Michael Cataldo.” Many of our customers may have not had interaction with many of people face to face for a while. “And now that they’re allowed to come and see us in the salon, they can actually have a chat with us, and they can talk about some of their challenges with COVID and also some of the positive things that the lockdown could have brought them. . ” Sir. Cataldo said the salon understood the importance of relationships between staff and customers and did not want to “suffocate them by not talking about a particular thing”. Our journalists work hard to deliver local, up-to-date news to the local community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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