Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

“The thing is, we have the votes in Parliament, in the Senate, for the universal background check bill. We have a president who will sign it,” he told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.” “It’s the rules of the Senate that prevent us from passing, and we probably have 52, 53, 54 votes in the Senate for this. So the rules right now are what prevent us from being able to adopt the will of the public.”

The school district is releasing details of important events that led up to the shooting in Michigan

He added that he hoped senators could resume talks on legislation that would close gaps in the gun show.

“I wish my Republican colleagues did not have revelations on this issue only after mass school shootings, but that tends to be what happens,” he said. “And so my hope is that over the next few weeks we can get back to the table and see if we, at least as you said, might be able to close the loophole in the gun show. That alone would save a lot of lives.”

He also said he believes a secure weapons storage policy could be a two-pronged solution to the weapons security policy.

“A law on safekeeping can be the kind of thing that could create a compromise between two parties that could get the support of a lot of common sense gun owners because it’s not about taking someone’s weapon away. It’s just about saying if you want to own the weapon, keep it safe, “he said.

Earlier Sunday, the Democratic rep. Dan Kildee in Michigan to CNN’s Boris Sanchez that he has spoken to President Joe Biden about the need for action on gun control and begged his colleagues in the Senate to take action.

“The real question is not where the White House stands, not where the House of Representatives stands, but whether we will continue to allow a handful of senators to stand in the way of preventing further violence,” he said. “So far, they have not been moved.”


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