Wed. May 25th, 2022

On board with Sergio Perez. Photo: Fox Sports

Another red flag at the Formula 1 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix is ​​quickly followed by a 14th lap restart from a previous stop.

The field took a standing restart after circuits repairs when Mick Schumacher crashed at turn 23.

At the second restart, Sergio Perez found himself trapped in the middle of the field and thrown into the barrier.

It caused the field to back up, leaving Nikita Mazepin nowhere to go as he plowed in behind George Russell Williams.

It followed a loud drama up front where Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen drove wheel against wheel into the opening corner.

The Mercedes driver had the inside line, and was in front, only for the championship leader to storm around outside, run off the track and jump over the curb when he came back in front of Hamilton.

In the melee, Esteban Ocon moved up to second place behind Red Bull shortly before the red flag for the Perez incident was shown.

During the break, Red Bull was offered, and accepted, to move Verstappen back behind Hamilton, with Ocon to take the restart from pole.

The race is set to resume at. 21:40 local time, 05:40 AEDT.

Nikita Mazepin hits George Russell. On board with Sergio Perez. Photo: Fox Sports

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