Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

A crushed sister has revealed the last text message she received from her healthy and fit brother as he lay dying in the hospital.

John Eyers, 42, of Southport, died of covid after thinking he would not need the vaccine because he was healthy and well.

Father-in-law thought he would only suffer a “mild illness” before rejecting the Covid jab.

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But his twin sister, Jenny McCann, recounted how the family was hit by tragedy when John was taken to hospital with coronavirus and died four weeks later.

In a speech to The Guardian this week, Jenny revealed the last message she received from her twin brother while he was in the hospital.

On July 11, John was on a respirator, and Jenny spoke to him on the phone before he was anesthetized.

The 42-year-old told his brother that she loved him, but he could not respond due to being so ill.

In a text, John said, “Do not let them give up on me.”

This was the last message Jenny received from her twin brother, who died on July 27th.

While in the intensive care unit, John contracted an infection and his organs began to fail, only four weeks after he was tested positive for the virus.

Earlier, Jenny described how John was the “fittest” and “healthiest” person she knew, and just four weeks before his death, he climbed Welsh mountains and camped wild.

She said: “The only pre-existing state of health he had was the belief in his own immortality.

John Eyers, 42, of Southport
John Eyers, 42, of Southport

“He thought that if he got Covid-19, he would be okay.

“He thought he wanted a mild illness. He would not put a vaccine on his body.”

Sister Jenny, who lives in north-west London, said earlier that her brother told his consultant he wished he had been vaccinated before going on a respirator.

She wrote online, saying: “My 42-year-old twin brother died at the ITU of Covid-19 last week.

“He died exactly four weeks after testing positive.”

John Eyers and his daughter Macey May Curran
John Eyers and his daughter Macey May Curran

Jenny said her brother was “pumped full of all the drugs at the hospital”, but he tragically died of the virus.

She said: “They threw everything at him. But eventually the bedmate of Covid-19, infection and organ failure, took his life.

“Before he was ventilated, he told his consultant he wished he had been vaccinated.

“That he wished he had listened. His death is a tragedy. It should not have happened. He leaves behind a mother and father, a sister (me) and a 19-year-old daughter.”

John Eyers, 42, of Southport
John Eyers, 42, of Southport

John was described as a “funny uncle” who dressed up as Santa Claus on Christmas day.

Jenny added: “My mother has lost her little boy. My niece, her much-loved and needy father. This should not have happened.

“My mother wants people to know about John. For his story to save someone’s life. For pain and loss to get people to get a vaccine.”

John’s daughter, Macey May Curran, 19, paid tribute to her father back in August.

Macey told The ECHO: “RIP my real superhero, my best friend, my dad.

“Please, thank you, please get your vaccine, I was one of those young girls who only got the vaccine to go on” vacation, “but now I’ve seen the reality of what Covid is actually doing to us.

“Standing next to a hospital bed and watching my father and him without knowing I’m by his side, kills me.

“RIP my hero, I always love and miss you dad.”

John was described by his daughter as the “funniest, healthiest person you would ever meet”.

The 42-year-old leaves behind his mother and father, twin sister and a 19-year-old daughter Macey.


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