Sat. May 28th, 2022

Bachelor Australia franchise has brought us a whole bunch of filthy characters, and one of the absolute most filthy must be old mates Ciarran Stott.

After winning the hearts of Bachie fans during his stay Angie Kents season of The bachelor, Ciarran suffered a massive fall from grace by behaving like an absolute turkey Bachelor in paradise.

His devilish jokes were actually so poisonous that Ten ended up pulling the plug Bachelor in paradise shortly after his season ended. Now, I’m not saying that was it because of his behavior that the show was put on pause, but the timing of it all was certainly … interesting.

When Ciarran was shrouded in controversy, he disappeared a little into obscurity, changed his hair several times, and generally lay low until So dramatic! podcast revealed that he is now trying his luck with an international Bachie franchise to see how he would fare over there.

Well, it’s apparently not great, because according to the latest ep of the podcast, he’s been received about as well in Sweden as he did in Australia.

Yep, Ciarran Stott is a contestant in the latest season of Bachelorette Sweden.

Not only that, but he arrives as an uninvited guest on a quad bike and says that the other participants should definitely be “threatened” by him because he is an Aussie with an English accent (???).

Speaking of which (literally), for some reason he speaks English while the other participants speak Swedish. So I have no idea how it works, but please enjoy his bonkers introduction below:

According to a spy who spoke to So dramatic!, Ciarran has brought his fucking violent boy games to Sweden and has been with a storm during his time The bachelor.

Apparently he has been seen with several other Swedes Bachie stars during his time on the show, including former star Armina Moradi.

“She finished third in her season,” the spy said. »Then he flirted with two of the women who were sent home in the last three of the Swedish Bachelor. “

The women talked about him later joining one of them in a tell. When asked what happened between her and Ciarran at the hotel, she replied, “It’s probably up to your imagination.”

In an episode called The girls reveal everything, Armina revealed: “He came to us when we were sunbathing. He swam past us many times. Obviously he was interested. We had a lovely evening.”

Bachelor Sweden star Armina Moradi. (Credit: Bachelor Sweden)

Talking to So dramatic!, Ciarran defended his actions and revealed what really happened.

“I met two of the participants from The bachelor [Sweden] who was filming while I was at the hotel, ”he revealed. “Then we went out for dinner and drinks.”

According to Ciarran, The bachelor and The bachelor were filmed within 10 consecutive days at the same location, hence the overlap of participants.

“They put me in a hotel with all the girls who did not get roses from The bachelor,” he said.

“They saw me on the beach and recognized me when they saw the Australian series in Sweden, and then they approached me and asked if I would join them for dinner and drinks.”

Warning to the Swedes Bachie Produce: You might want to avoid throwing him on Bachelor in paradise. It’s too late for us, but save yourselves !!!!

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