Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Just finished their 3rd years spent the HolliBell Foundation 2021 focusing on supporting families and rescuers to get affordable spaying and neutering services.

The Ottawa Not-for-Profit organization has three main areas they typically focus on:

  1. Offers affordable spay and castration clinics.
  2. Support families in times of need to care for their pets.
  3. Provision of emergency aid and general rescue funding.

In terms of providing spay and castration services, co-founder Caroline Hollingworth shares: “This was a HUGE focus for 2021 – not only has we provided affordable seats for close to 360+ pets, but we too secured the SPCA Wellness mobile device to come to Arnprior to provide affordable spay and castrates to the community. Spend over $ 35,000 to help provide affordable prices this year! “

“Finally – a pet sterilized or neutered is a pet less that can contribute to the overpopulation of pets (especially cats), “says Caroline about focusing the year on seeing the need to help” anyone and everyone “who needs help.

Caroline outlines where one can reach out for help in sterilizing and neutering their pets. “The Lanark Leeds & Grenville Spay Neuter Clinic in Brockville has been our main source of support to help people. This NEW clinic opened in 2021 to provide affordable castration. Please contact them to order your pet. 613-345-7729 OR OR visit They have now opened ANOTHER clinic in the Trenton area. ” The Hollibell Foundation provides “sponsored” days with the Lanark Clinic, which helps reduce costs even further. Follow Hollibell page on Facebook to stay up to date on when these may occur.

other than that The SPCA Mobile Animal Wellness Unit is back on the road. After sponsoring the unit at Arnprior, the Hollibell Foundation is working to secure more dates in different communities for 2022. A few facts about the SPCA Mobile Animal Wellness Services Unit:

  • SPCA Mobile Animal Wellness Services was launched in June 2019 as an outreach initiative to help reduce pet overpopulation.
  • The 38-foot trailer, which was made possible due to a grant from the Pet Valu family of stores through their Giving Back Project, has two surgical tables.
  • One dog can produce as many as 80 puppies in its lifetime, and one cat can produce as many as 96 kittens in its lifetime.
  • Twenty-seven female cats and twenty-one male cats were neutered and neutered at this event, respectively, preventing close to an estimated 2,600 potentially unwanted kittens.
  • For more information about their mobile services, visit their website. You will also find a great virtual tour of the trailer on that page with additional facts.

November 24thth, the Hollibell Foundation teamed up with the Lanark Leeds & Grenville Spay Neuter Clinic to provide a transportation day for those in need. Caroline describes today’s success: “We had 5 amazing volunteers to pick up cats from around the Ottawa area (from owners who have no means of transportation and financial restrictions) and put them on a central transportation to Brockville. The animals were returned at the end of the day – sterilized and neutered and provided with a box of rubbish and a bag of food. “

The Hollibell Foundation is pleased to announce that they – with the help of supporters – have collected and donated more than $ 127,000 over the past three years. In their first year, they raised $ 27,000; in their second, $ 35,000; and finally, in their third year, they raised more than $ 65,000. “We limit our spending so money helps those in need. We do this through ours online auctions, signature event Cupcakes for a Cause, Doggie walk a thons (at Sunset Farms in October – $ 2,965 raised), Recipes to the Rescue cookbooks, online auctions, in-store events, spay and neuter program, etc. “Caroline explains.

(A few of the participants in the HolliBell Doggie Walk-a-Thon held at Stittsville’s Sunset Farm on October 3, 2021.)

At HolliBell, we do not feel that anyone should abandon their pets (sometimes their only companion) because they do not have the ‘financial’ means. Love is free and if they have it for their pet, we would like to help. We have worked and built relationships with a number of groups that support individuals in need, whether it is financial, transport, just need a little support – we try to help these persons. “

To continue their work, The Hollibell Foundation needs support from individuals who want to donate and support their sterilization program. Any donation, no matter how small, can make a huge difference in helping someone in need. The Hollibell Foundation is also looking for companies or groups that may wish to sponsor them. Your business can be shown to be at the forefront of providing critical services to families and their pets. If you would like to sponsor spay and castration days, you can contact us via email at


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