Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

Greater Katherine’s lockout has been extended for another 24 hours after a three-year-old girl tested positive for COVID-19 while you are in the community.
The girl is one of three new cases of the virus registered in Northern Territory overnight, but is the only case that was not in quarantine while he was contagious.

NT Health Minister Natasha Fyles said the girl from Katherine had seven close contacts and turned out to have the virus when she went to the hospital for treatment yesterday.

The remote community of Binjari outside Katherine.
Greater Katherine’s lockout has been extended. (Included)

Ms Fyles said the child is believed to be in the later stages of having the virus and took the local coronavirus cluster to 61 cases.

The health minister said the case would mean Greater Katherine’s lockout would have to be extended by a further 24 hours.

It was supposed to end at 12 o’clock tomorrow, but instead ends at 12 o’clock on Wednesday.

Ms Fyles further announced that the Binjari community could go from lockdown to lockout due to the lack of new cases in the city.

NT Health Minister Natasha Fyles announced an extension of Greater Katherine’s lockout. (Nine)

She said one of the other new cases of COVID-19 recorded overnight was a close contact with a traveler who arrived from Melbourne last week and who had been in quarantine throughout their infectious period.

The second case is a 60-year-old woman who arrived by plane from London on 29 November.

She has been in home quarantine since her arrival.

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