Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

As Super Smash Bros. fans have kept joking that the winner of the Panda x Nintendo circuit will receive a safety pin and a ball of fluff, streamer Ludwig has announced a $ 1 million Super Smash Bros. tournament.

Ludwig recently revealed that he would be hosting the biggest Smash tournament in history, saying, “In 2022, I’ll be making the biggest Smash tournament ever in both Melee and Ultimate entrants and prize pools. This is likely to cost $ 1. million.”

As a fighting game fan, Ludwig has seemed to put his heart and soul into this big tournament. He explained that he was considering sticking with Twitch for a while yet just to host another subathon dedicated solely to funding the Smash event. That means Ludwig was willing to expose himself to 24/7 cameras in his face again to raise money for his dream Smash tournament.

Said Ludwig: “I was really thinking about giving up a month of my life so I had the resources to throw a million dollars away and not make it stupid. Being with YouTube, I can just do it.”

No other information has been dropped about Ludwig’s $ 1 million Smash Tournament yet.

Ludwig would later add that in the middle of the discussion about whether he would move to YouTube or stick to Twitch, he had planned another subathon dedicated solely to funding this event. Ludwig has a staff of 10 who would help arrange the event, but it would definitely take a lot of time and money.

Now that Ludwig is on YouTube, it’s unclear what his strategy for raising the funds will be. There is no doubt that his new contract with YouTube is very worthwhile as it was worth leaving his new sub-count on Twitch. But $ 1 million is a big part of the change that Ludwig most likely won’t spend entirely on his own.

Playing Ludwig Smash?

Ludwig is perhaps best known for his subathon and streaming now, but Ludwig is a Jigglypuff starring in Super Smash Bros. Melee. He even directed the Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series and commented on an abundance of Melee tournaments, including GENESIS 6.


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