Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

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A team of guard dogs has been hired to keep Sydney’s seagull problem at bay. “Seagulls have been a problem in the opera house since it was built,” said dog trainer James Webb, owner of Mad Dogs and the Englishman training company. “When the dogs are not there, the gulls have free play with the food.” Often the food did not even reach the table until it was stolen by the gulls or had to be taken back into the kitchen because the birds had come all over it. “Four years ago, Mr Webb was contacted by an opera house pavilion restaurant manager. He brought his dogs in as a test drive to see if they could help keep the birds in check. “We trained the dogs to run after the gulls, bark, and then return when they have flown away,” Mr. Webb said. the success of the experiment, 12 border collies and kelpies were brought to work in the pavilion full time.The dogs now work across the lower meeting place during peak hours all week.The program has now been extended by another two years.Mr Webb said that since the dogs have been at work, the opera house, bar and kitchen have saved huge amounts of money, which in turn contributes towards the $ 65,000 dog patrol contract.



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