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Xbox Series X and Series S launched in mid-November to the delight of anyone who was able to pre-order them in Australia. For everyone else, the consoles are unfortunately in a strange state of limbo, with global distribution problems causing long-term stock shortages into 2021 and beyond.

The consoles are currently sold out in all physical stores and new stock is coming on a foggy future date. Here’s how the major Australian retailers are doing with the Xbox Series X and Series S, and when you can expect new consoles to be pre-ordered or purchased.

Update 6/12: Added new information about the current Xbox Series S. prices and inventories on eBay.

Where to buy an Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S in Australia


Update 6/12: You can pick one up Xbox Series S bundle which includes Fortnite and Rocket League to $ 474.05 when you check out with the code “PLUSDEC5 ″ (down from $ 499).

This offer is only valid with an eBay Plus subscription, which you can try with a free 30-day trial here.

Amazon Australia

Update 16/6: Amazon currently has stock of Xbox Series S, and have reduced prices by $ 70 (now $ 429).

You can also purchase an additional controller from Amazon. And don’t forget to check out how you can use the Xbox Series S (or X!) As a great emulation device.

JB Hi-Fi

Update 5/02: We hear that even though you can not get online orders for the Xbox Series X from JB Hi-Fi – even though the Xbox Series S is available now – some stores have received stock from today. However, it’s not universal: three major Sydney stores I called said their stock of Xbox Series X would not arrive until next week. So call your local store in advance. Here you can find the number for your closet JB anywhere in the country.

The fiddlers

The gamers are currently sold out of the Xbox Series X, but they have stock of the Xbox Series S.

Microsoft Store

xbox australia
Image: Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store was the first place in Australia where the Xbox Series X was rebuilt, but they are currently sold out. There are no words on when they will have consoles available or how often they will be rebuilt.

The Microsoft Store currently has stock of the Xbox Series S here.


Telstra’s Xbox All Access program lets existing Telstra customers purchase an Xbox Series X or Series S with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a monthly fee over a two-year period. It costs $ 46 a month to own an Xbox Series X and $ 33 a month to own an Xbox Series S.

Telstra is officially sold out of Series X stock, but Series S is available. As a reminder: You must be a Telstra customer to benefit from this agreement. If you are keen, you can go to the store to find out more.

EB games

xbox series xs stock levels australia buy
Image: Reddit / Stealingyourpixels

At this time, both the Xbox Series X and Series S do not appear to be in stock at EB Games.

Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman lists the Xbox Series X consoles as “in stock” at the moment.


Xbox Series X and Series S are completely sold out at Target. While the company’s website indicates that shares will return at a later date, there is no current ETA.

Store W

You can order the Xbox Series S with Big W.


Much like the PS5, the Xbox Series X and Series S are currently listed as ‘Coming Soon’ on Kogan.

You can create a personalized email notification when they are back in stock.

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