Wed. May 25th, 2022

It’s no secret the Aussies love their sport and it goes double in the lockdown, as evidenced by Google’s data from last year.

Australia’s best search terms for 2021 included (clockwise from top left) NBA, Cleo Smith, Alec Baldwin and how to make a face mask. (Composite)
By comparison, only the NBA and Kobe Bryant last year – who died in a helicopter crash in January 2020 – with among Australia’s most popular searches for a year dominated by the arrival of COVID-19 and a grand American election.

Coronavirus continued to develop in 2021, especially with significant outbreaks in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

“We were looking to book our vaccines, get our vaccination certificates – and find the meaning of Omicron,” wrote Google Australia’s Camilla Ibrahim.

We also showed our knowledgeable and scientific curiosities, and searched for “how to make a face mask” and interestingly, “how to make oxygen”.

    In this archive image on July 28, 2021, a Buddhist monk wearing a face mask holds an oxygen tank for refilling outside the Naing Oxygen Factory in the South Dagon Industrial Zone in Yangon, Myanmar.
Several countries experienced oxygen deficiency in the fight against COVID-19. Here, a Buddhist monk wearing a face mask holds an oxygen tank for refilling outside the Naing oxygen plant in the South Dagon industrial zone in Yangon, Myanmar. (AP)

While COVID-19 continues to be part of Australia’s most sought after news events, there was also great interest in names such as Cleo Smith, Alec Baldwin, William Tyrell, Bert Newton and Christian Porter.

“Through search, we showed our care and concern for Cleo Smith – and kept looking for William Tyrrell,” wrote Mrs. Ibrahim.

“We were shocked by the earthquake in Melbourne, the crisis in Afghanistan – and were curious about crypto.

“And as we wrapped our heads around complex issues and events, we looked up the meaning of concepts like liberated, uprising, and gaslighting.”

Below are Australia’s top trends in Google Search for 2021.

  1. NBA
  2. AFL
  3. Australia vs India
  4. NRL
  5. Euro 2021
  6. Wimbledon
  7. Olympic medals
  9. Coinspot
  10. Prince Philip
Josh Giddey
Australian Josh Giddey has proven himself in the NBA (Getty)
  2. Cleo Smith
  3. QLD COVID update
  4. Alec Baldwin
  5. Coronavirus Victoria
  6. William Tyrrell
  7. Bert Newton
  8. Christian Porter
  9. Afghanistan
  10. Melbourne earthquake
Police are checking the addresses of people on Bondi Beach during the COVID-19 lockdown.
Police are checking the addresses of people on Bondi Beach during the COVID-19 lockdown. (Renee Nowytarger)
  1. Cleo Smith
  2. Ash Barty
  3. William Tyrell
  4. Christian Porter
  5. Nadia Bartel
  6. Dominic Perrottet
  7. Nick Kyrgios
  8. Ariarne Titmus
  9. Peter Bol
  10. Melissa Caddick
The Australians were desperate to find Cleo Smith. (Facebook / Included)
  1. Alec Baldwin
  2. Rita Ora
  3. Travis Scott
  4. Kyle Rittenhouse
  5. Adele
  6. Naomi Osaka
  7. Pete Davidson
  8. Simone Biles
  9. Tiger woods
  10. Emma Raducanu
Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin was a big search term for the tragic footage on the set of the movie Rust. (ABC America)
  1. Prince Philip
  2. Gabby Petito
  3. Bert Newton
  4. Brian Laundrie
  5. Sean Lock
  6. Michael Gudinski
  7. Sarah Everard
  8. Carla Zampatti
  9. Helen McCrory
  10. Larry King
Photo of Philip visiting the headquarters of the Royal Auxiliary Air Forces 603 Squadron on 4 July 2015 in Edinburgh, Scotland.
The death of Prince Philips imprisoned the world in 2021. (CNN)
  1. NBA
  2. AFL
  3. Australia vs India
  4. NRL
  5. Euro 2021
  6. Wimbledon
  7. BEER
  8. Australian Open
  9. EPL
  10. French Open
Shai Bolton of the Tigers marks during the round eight AFL match between the Richmond Tigers and the Geelong Cats at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on 7 May 2021 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Quinn Rooney / Getty Images)
Search interest in the AFL increased in 2021. (Photo by Quinn Rooney / Getty Images) (Getty)
  1. Gnocchi recipes
  2. Guacamole recipe
  3. Recipe for curry sausages
  4. Anzac biscuit recipe
  5. Negroni recipe
  6. Lamb shank recipe
  7. Brussels sprouts recipes
  8. Recipe for minestrone soup
  9. Rocky road recipe
  10. Tzatziki recipe
Potato gnocchi with blue cheese sauce
Nothing like some good Gnocci to warm the soul during lockdown
  1. How to get a vaccination certificate
  2. How to tie a tie
  3. How to supply uber eats
  4. How to buy dogecoin
  5. How to watch the Olympics in Australia
  6. How to order COVID vaccine
  7. How to watch Euro 2021 in Australia
  8. How to connect medicare to mygov
  9. How to order pfizer vaccine
  10. Million dollar wax how to get in
Fake COVID-19 vaccination certificates sell online for hundreds of dollars.
COVID-19 vaccination certificates were in high demand. (9 news)

‘How do you make…?’ DIY queries

  1. How to make a face mask
  2. How to make candles
  3. How to make toy dough
  4. How to make a paper airplane
  5. How to make a chatterbox
  6. How to make a website
  7. How to make mucus without glue
  8. How to make a paper boat
  9. How to make fake blood
  10. How to make oxygen
face mask nsw restrictions relief sydney
Australians wanted to be creative beyond the usual medical masks. (Getty)
  1. Dance lessons near me
  2. Swimming lessons near me
  3. Driving lessons
  4. Classes in ceramics
  5. Swimming lessons for children near me
  6. Art education near me
  7. Guitar lessons near me
  8. Piano lessons near me
  9. Zumba classes near me
  10. Classes in glassblowing
North Melbourne Recreation Center reopened for swimmers after months of lockdown.
Swimming courses were always in demand. (Getty)
  1. Freed meaning
  2. Significance of rebellion
  3. Gaslighting meaning
  4. NAIDOC meaning
  5. NFT meaning
  6. Omicron meaning
  7. Frigid meaning
  8. Narcissistic meaning
  9. ROC meaning
  10. Significance of rebellion

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