Sat. May 28th, 2022

Daniel Johns has announced his first solo album in seven years just weeks after the media-shy singer-songwriter starred in a revealing Spotify podcast.

The former frontman of Silverchair, Dissociatives and Dreams wrote the news in a letter to fans, writing, “I know I have a tendency to disappear, but I’m back now.”

He described FutureNever, which is set for release on April 1, 2022, as “a place where your past, present and future collide”, and where “the quantity of your past experiences becomes your superpower. The experience of [Spotify] podcasts have helped me make peace with my past, and I’m ready to tackle this new world bravely. “

On October 20, the enigmatic 42-year-old released the first in his very popular five-part podcast, Who Is Daniel Johns ?, in which he also opened up about his struggles with fame, obsessions, anorexia and reactive arthritis. as the dissolution of Silverchair and his 2008 divorce from Natalie Imbruglia.

Album photos for FutureNever by Daniel Johns.
Album photos for FutureNever

The creators of the podcast, Kaitlin Sawrey, Amelia Chappelow, and Frank Lopez, gained unprecedented access to Johns’ life, including his childhood room; five bonus episodes featured the musician in conversation with Billy Corgan, Van Dyke Parks, Tom Delonge, Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker and Imbruglia.

Andrew P Street wrote in Guardian Australia, describing it as “the Australian equivalent of Britney Spears’ story of fame and trauma”.

In the letter announcing his new solo album – his first since 2015’s debut LP Talk – Johns wrote: “Thank you for listening to my podcast Who Is Daniel Johns? I did not know I needed that experience, but it did “The reception around the world has inspired me, and I’m no longer worried about what’s next.”

He described FutureNever as “an eclectic mix of music that I’ve been making for the last couple of years”, collaborating with “a couple of my friends”. The album is the first Johns has released on his own label via a new global deal with BMG.

“I do not want to lead in with singles, the album is designed to be enjoyed as an album. Call me a hopeless romantic, but that’s the benefit of releasing music on your own label. Nobody can tell you what to do. “

He said he would “slowly reveal” songs in the run-up to the April release.

In an interview with The Project in October to promote Who Is Daniel Johns ?, the singer stressed that he would never perform live again and also stated: “I would not get Silverchair with a gun to the head for a million dollars.”

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