Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

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A historic Canberra church designed by the famous architect Romaldo Giurgola has been broken into and searched just a few weeks after Christmas. St Thomas Aquinas Parish in Charnwood was found vandalized just before noon. 18 Tuesday by longtime parishioner Bill Fitzpatrick. “The destruction is just something incredible,” he said. “Up to the altar; crush it and turn it on its side. Crush the crucifix, which was a special presentation for our church many years ago. Crush the statue of Our Lady [Mary] holds the baby Jesus. Tried to pull the TVs off the wall. Smashed candles. “That anyone could go into any church and do what they have done … God help them.” Sir. Fitzpatrick said he had been asked to visit the parish by pastor Father Tom Thornton, who had heard about the injury. Sir. Fitzpatrick said the parish had worship at. 10 in the morning and that he had locked the doors securely behind him. The window above the door handle had been broken. A bookcase with ancient texts related to St Thomas Aquinas had been desecrated, leaving pages torn apart. IN OTHER NEWS: Mr. Fitzpatrick said the close denomination would be shattered once they found out what had happened. “They will be more withered [wails] in the morning, “he said.” We love that place. Many of us go to church there every day so it will be catastrophic tomorrow. “Mr Fitzpatrick said he called ACT police when he first saw the devastation, but they told him they would visit the parish in the morning The church was designed by architect Romaldo Giurgola in 1989 while working on Parliament House, and the church’s design won RAIA’s Canberra Medallion in 1990. An article in The Canberra Times of November 28, 1989, described the building as “the epitome of architecture. “” The bench and altar furniture is made of Australian timber and has been combined with the plans of the design architects of Australia’s Parliament House. [in] Mitchell, “the article said.[Romaldo] Giurgola believes that a church building is basically the epitome of architecture. “The play said the building cost about $ 700,000 and much of the craft work in the church was done by people who also worked for Parliament House. Dr. Fitzgerald said he believed that the church will continue to have Mass from tomorrow, where they gather in the parish center.Our journalists work hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the local community.How to continue accessing our trusted content:



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