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The police + responded + to + a + domestic + incident + on + the + corner + of + Darby + Avenue + and + Dearborn + Street + in + Northridge% 2C + Calif.% 2C + on + Nov + 18% 2C + 2021.

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Police responded to a domestic incident on the corner of Darby Avenue and Dearborn Street in Northridge, California, on November 18, 2021.

2020 was the year COVID-19 took over. Restrictions were imposed, causing busy city streets, congested highways and thriving businesses to come to a sudden halt. While others stayed inside their homes, police struggled to deal with the increase in crime.

Devonshire Police Station has reported an increase in shootings and killings in Northridge. In the last few weeks alone, there has been a double shooting in a parking lot of a mall and a shooting at a nearby pub. There was another shooting that killed an unidentified man in an apartment complex off Corbin Avenue in early August.

According to the Devonshire Police Department’s monthly CompStat report, six shots and four shot victims were fired from September 26 to October 23. By comparison, there was only one shot fired and no shot victims from August to September.

There has been a 500% increase in shootings in the Northridge area and surrounding areas including Chatsworth, Canoga Park, Granada Hills and Winnetka.

The rise in crime is not exclusively for this area. All areas under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles Police Department experienced a rapid increase in crime. Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore held a crime briefing on Nov. 1 with Police Commissioner Dale Bonner present, according to an article in the Los Angeles Times.

The police commissioner examined transcripts of crime figures and questioned whether the figures reflected an increase in 2020, or whether the figures needed an update. In 2020, some of the highest numbers it had seen in about a decade were.

At the briefing, Moore made it clear to the commissioner that the current percentages for 2021 are even higher than the 2020 figures.

“Kills have increased by 17% and people will say, ‘Well, many other cities are actually higher.’ But when you look at a two-year period, they have increased by 49%, ā€¯Moore said.

The LAPD continues to hold crime briefings every Monday to identify crime trends. Efforts to reduce violence are already underway, and the municipal housing authority and the mayor’s office for gang reduction and youth development play a key role in trying to prevent gun violence.

Although there has been much speculation as to what has caused the increase in violence over the last few years, the LAPD cannot clarify what the cause of it all is.

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