Thu. May 26th, 2022

Atlanta-based Scuf games have made a name for themselves with excellent third-party controllers for Xbox One, Series X / S and PlayStation 4. Now the peripherals maker is targeting PlayStation 5 with the new Scuf Reflex line, a trio of high-performance PS5s -controllers with four paddles at the rear, replaceable thumbsticks and faceplates and built-in profile change. It’s a lot of extra functionality, but it comes at a high price.

Scuf’s new Reflex series includes three different models. There’s the basic $ US200 (A $ 281) Reflex, which comes with all the bells and whistles Scuf customers have come to expect from their expensive controllers. It has four detachable, programmable buttons on the back, a very nice feature that is rare on other controllers due to Scuf’s patents on it. There is a button to switch between three different controller profiles for different games. Buttons can be transformed on the go without having to pause the game. Originally available in black, all Reflex models will support interchangeable faceplates and thumbsticks, short or long, concave or convex.

The Reflex Pro, which starts at $ 230 ($ 323), includes all of this plus a “high-performance grip” designed to increase players’ endurance and comfort and apparently costs $ 30 ($ 42) or so. Both the regular Reflex and Pro include the PS5’s adaptive triggers as well as vibrations that reproduce the tactile feel of Son’s official DualSense controller.

Baby has back buttons.  (Photo: Scuf Gaming) Baby has back buttons. (Photo: Scuf Gaming)

The latest Reflex model is the $ US360 (A $ 506) Reflex FPS, Scuf’s first dedicated first-person-shooter gamepad. Reflex FPS does not have vibration motors, which provides a much lighter controller that is free of distracting vibrations. And both its triggers and bumpers are built to be activated instantly, eliminating trigger pulls. Why removing features from a controller makes it more expensive is beyond me, and that’s probably why I’m not a controller seller.

All three models of the Reflex PS5 controller can now be purchased exclusively at Scuf’s online store, which probably employs some sort of controller vendor who might be able to help you figure out the Reflex FPS pricing.

Scuf makes great hardware. I used almost exclusively its PS4 controllers, and Scuf Instinct Pro is my go-to Xbox Series X controller. They are strong, solid, reliable and versatile. If the same adjectives apply to these new PS5 controllers, then I’ll be there once I’ve scraped a few hundred dollars together.

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