Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

This is the moment Susanna Reid broke down in tears over Arthur Labinjo-Hughes’ death as she interviewed his grandmother today.

Susanna was moved to tears during an emotional episode with Madeline Halcrow during Tuesday’s edition of ITV Good Morning Britain.

Arthur’s grandmother blew up agencies that missed his abuse during the December 7 episode.

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She continued, “I saw pictures and I knew right away that they were accidental injuries.”

“You’re a nurse, aren’t you?” asked Mr. Lewis.

“Yes,” Ms Halcrow added, “they were caused by an adult hand – I saw three adult fingers, his left shoulder, I knew was caused by being hit by something, or being pushed against something.

“But the most disturbing thing for me – was that there were new bruises on top of old ones, which tells me that it has been going on …”

Arthur’s grandmother broke down and said, “When I saw him, I just imagined the pain he must have been in …”

Susanna broke down at this point, stepping in and sharing tissue with Mrs. Halcrow.

Ms Halcrow added: “They called the social services, so obviously at half past nine at night, there was not much I could do. The next day I called the social services and I was told that they had been out during the day. before.”

About the prison sentences for his killers, she said: “Life should mean life. They took Arthur’s life, he will not get his life back, he will not have his own children.”

She said Emma Tustin and Thomas Hughes had shown “no remorse, no sympathy” and branded them as “corrupt, sadistic, torturing, evil, calculating people”.

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