Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

This weekend, Torontoians were transported across the ocean and into the land of fire and ice! The tourism industry was hit hard during the entire pandemic, and it’s time for us to start remembering what’s out there in the world after The 6ix. For the 10th year, The Taste of Iceland Festival took place here in Toronto and it was a bang! From ice skating, Icelandic food and even a healthy bath, the weekend was full of Icelandic adventures!

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Taste of Iceland

The Taste of Iceland festival took place in Toronto from 2-5. December and was full of free events. Hundreds of Torontoians came out to brave the cold this weekend and immerse themselves in Icelandic music, literature, dance, ice skating and more! Some even won a trip to Iceland for two!

taste of island

Every year a film screening and the concert, Reykjavik Calling can be expected, but this year there were lots of new exciting events! I had the pleasure of attending Elemental Sound Bath, which was an amazing experience! I would call myself an experienced sound bath participant, but this bath was very unique. The elements were used as the focus sounds, which is VERY appropriate for Iceland! During my time in Iceland, I was constantly stunned by the sheer beauty of rolling mountains to glaciers, volcanoes, guizers and waterfalls. You really experience the four elements on an amplified scale in Iceland, and this sound bath translated it very well.

taste of island
photo: inspired by iceland

The Torontonians were blessed with music from Hermigervill, a multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer and active part of the Reykjavík DJ scene while skating at the Harbourfront Center Rink! On Sunday, participants in the author’s discussion for the Christmas book avalanche received the book “On Time and Water” by the Icelandic author and filmmaker Andri Snær Magnason!

For more information about Taste of Iceland, click here!

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