Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

The Northern Territory has registered a new case of COVID-19 related to the current outbreak, but authorities say three possible cases have been discovered in remote communities.

Of these three cases, two are in Timber Creek and one is in Kalkarindji.

The newly confirmed case is a close contact of another case that tested positive in Howard Springs.

The new case brings the total number of confirmed cases related to the current outbreak to 88.

But NT Health Minister Natasha Fyles said authorities expected the number to rise to 91 while awaiting confirmation of the three possible cases.

“These positive cases need to be confirmed by our laboratories,” Ms Fyles said.

“But we believe, because of the close contacts they have had, that they are genuine cases, and their movements indicate that to us.”

There has also been a positive case from an international repatriation flight from Johannesburg.

Mrs Fyles said NT health staff were on standby to enter Timber Creek if the cases were confirmed.

Monday – a day of record high numbers in the NT – authorities said a Binjari resident visiting Timber Creek had returned a possible positive test.

Ms Fyles said authorities were less concerned about the possible case in Kalkarindji today as this person was double-vaccinated and their infectivity was low.

Mask mandates are now in place in Timber Creek, Kalkarindji, Beswick, Barunga and Tennant Creek until Friday at. 14.00, said Mrs. Fyles.

The mask mandate in Katherine has been extended to Friday at. 14.00.

Authorities continue to voice concern over the situation in Tennant Creek, where positive wastewater was discovered Sunday.

“Clearly and simply, we need Tennant Creek’s vaccination rate rising,” Ms Fyles said.

“Tennant Creek residents, if you listen, go and get vaccinated.

“We need the rate to be much higher to protect your community.”

Wastewater in Tennant Creek now registers only one possible positive rather than positive result for COVID, in a weakening of signal strength since Sunday.

Alice Springs Wastewater is currently testing negative for the virus.

Second Omicron case confirmed in NT

Ms Fyles also said another case of the Omicron variant had been confirmed in the NT, in an international arrival recorded as a positive case last week.

The person who has been in the Howard Springs quarantine facility since arriving is a traveler from Nigeria who arrived in the NT via Sydney.

This is the second Omicron case recorded in the NT after a repatriation flight from South Africa was tested positive just over two weeks ago.

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