Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

A 2017 northwest extension of the Line 1 subway brought Toronto’s high-speed transit network beyond the city limits for the first time, and it’s happening again.

The Yonge Metro’s current northern terminus at Finch will soon be just another stop on the line, with an eight-kilometer extension in the plant that will bring the line north from North York into Markham, Richmond Hill and Vaughan, adding four new stations to Line 1.

Metrolinx’s Yonge North Subway Extension is actually closer than you might think, with a ‘qualification request’ issued on Tuesday seeking bids on the first steps in the construction of the infrastructure upgrade.

yonge north subway extension

Route for the Yonge North Subway Extension. Image via Metrolinx.

Before the extension of the line can be carved – major construction is to start in 2023 – the planned early preparatory work is to begin in the autumn of 2022 in and around Finch station.

This project phase will involve alterations to the existing tail tracks, a dead end at the current end of the line, where trains will be temporarily parked when not in use. These tail track areas – intended to be integrated into the extended tunnel – will have new sprinklers, cables, communications and support systems added.

Other covert work at Finch Station will include upgrades to rooms housing transformers and electrical equipment to accommodate new cables that will be needed to power the line extension.

But the most visible and inconvenient work will take place at street level, and these upgrades to the electrical system that drives the third rail of the subway can be quite disruptive.

A section of heavy-duty cables will be installed underground between the station and a power transformer station to the north on Hendon Avenue, plus the addition of a new fire service connection at Yonge and the Hendon junction.

The tender process for these first steps in construction will begin next year.


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