NT Registers 10 New COVID-19 Cases, Including a Local Case, with Alice Springs Mask Mandate To Be Revealed This Afternoon

The Northern Territory has registered 10 new cases of COVID-19 within the last 24 hours, only one of which is linked to the territory’s current outbreak.

Authorities said the local case was a previously identified close contact of a case from Tennant Creek and Barrow Creek, and was already in quarantine when they tested positive.

This brings the total number of cases related to the outbreak of the territory to 132.

In a statement issued Friday afternoon, the government said the rest of the cases include an overseas arrival and eight intergovernmental arrivals in northern territory.

All nine of these cases were isolated at the Howard Springs quarantine facility or in their home, or were in the hospital.

The government said the list of territory’s public exposure sites on the government’s coronavirus website would be updated, urging people to check the site.

It said the list would be updated to include the flights that the COVID-positive cases had taken on, where other passengers were considered low-risk contacts.

The government has also confirmed that the mask mandate for Alice Springs and the nearby community Amonguna ends at. 17 today as planned.

Several people are standing outside a cafe, wearing masks.  A small child holds up a disinfectant bottle
The masquerade in Alice Springs ends at 5 pm as planned.(ABC News: Samanatha Jonscher)

There are currently 10 people with COVID-19 in hospitals in the Northern Territory, with one person on intensive care.

No clarification of cases reported in Alice Springs

The statement was issued in place of the regular COVID-19 press conference updates.

However, the government has not responded to questions about reports from the Central Australian Aboriginal Health Service, which yesterday said it had identified two positive cases at an Alice Springs town camp.

The service said the government had incorrectly reported the cases as being identified in Tennant Creek.

In a statement, Acting CEO Sheralee Taylor said the government needed to release more information “so the Aboriginal community in Alice Springs is more aware of the increased level of risk” and complied with the mask order.

Friday morning, Barkly MLA Steve Edginton told ABC Alice Springs that the conflicting information revolved around.

Alice Springs’ independent Robyn Lambley said the government was abusing the situation.

A government spokeswoman asked questions to the government’s COVID media unit, which has not responded to inquiries.

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