Santa Paws arrives early for Christmas at National Zoo and Aquarium | Canberra Times

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The National Zoo and Aquarium celebrated Christmas early this year with a special morning of surprises for the animals. Christmas Day is the only day of the year when the zoo is closed, so part of the annual tradition involved celebrating Christmas on Thursday with themed articles addressing each animal’s favorite activity. Zoo manager Jemma Walsh says it is not only the animal’s favorite time of the year, but also the animal keepers’, as they all meet for festivities. “We stick to tradition and like to celebrate Christmas a little early in the zoo,” Ms. Walsh said. “Now almost all the animals in the zoo have received some kind of Christmas present that best suits their needs. Whether it is in the form of boxes or socks, or small frozen ice blocks or whatever it may be for that species. . ” Also for the guards it is always a really fun time and they have a lot to say, we have also got a great enrichment volunteer who helps us make the right gifts for the animals. “For example, the meerkats got a cool cardboard tree, whereas the cheetahs got some wrapped presents, the sun bears got some giant socks, which were pretty fun for them to tear apart in the morning.” Ms Walsh says that this period for the tourists is also extremely special where younger zoo guests are always excited about this time of year. “We always make the joke that Santa Paws has come to town, which explains why Santa comes a little earlier for the animals because it’s a different kind of Santa than the one everyone else gets,” Ms. Walsh said. READ MORE: “We love sharing it with our guests, and they seem to love watching the animals get super excited about their gifts, just as much as the guards do.” Especially during this difficult period, I think our guests love to see different animals that they can relate to, for example, you have the animals that do not like to share their Christmas presents so much while others are a little more rewarding, so people can certainly relate. “As the National Zoo and Aquarium looks forward to the new year, Ms. Walsh hopes it gets better for everyone and that they can continue to enjoy the experiences the zoo brings to Canberrans.” We are really grateful to be able to share everything with our guests, it makes us one big family which is really nice for animals too, “she said.


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